Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Copper Pearl Haul

If you aren't following me on Instagram then you might not know that I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Mischa, on May 23 2019. I've been settling into motherhood these past 7 weeks, and it has been an absolute dream come true. I'm going to write a separate post on my birth story, as I think it was fairly unique! For now, I want to share one of my favourite baby brands with you: Copper Pearl. I initially discovered this brand at Chapters, and I quickly became obsessed! While my baby is sleeping, I thought I'd share with you a quick Copper Pearl haul!

First up is the beautiful 5 in 1 Multipurpose Infant Car Seat Cover in Grace. I have a car seat cover from Milk Snob that I really love, but I wanted a second. Now I keep one cover permanently on my stroller, and one in my diaper bag to use as a breastfeeding cover when I'm in public. These covers can be used as car seat/stroller covers, a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover, and an infinity scarf. So far I've only used it for the first two purposes, but I love that they're so versatile. The print Grace is a beautiful white with muted pink roses. I love how soft and feminine this print is!

Copper Pearl 5 in 1 Multipurpose Infant Car Seat Cover in Grace

Next I picked up two packs of burp cloths. These burp cloths from Copper Pearl are hands down the best that I've tried! They are thick and SO soft! It's also a bonus that the prints are so beautiful! Sure, you could buy plain white burp cloths on Amazon for super cheap, and I'm sure they'll get the job done, but these beautiful prints spark joy and for that reason alone I can justify the splurge! I got the Rosie pack, which includes a similar rose design to the Grace Car Seat Cover. I will note that the colours are much more muted on the burp cloth compared to the car seat cover, which did surprise me as I thought they would be identical as the designs are the same. The other two designs in the 3 pack are a pink and white scallop print and a black and white plaid. I also got the Morgan 3 pack, which includes a blue floral, a pink floral, and a peach design. I've put these burp cloths to the test - they've cleaned up spit up, vomit, and poop. They absorb super well, and clean up wonderfully! 

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth Rosie 3 Pack

Copper Pearl Grace
Here you can see the colour difference between the car seat cover and the burp cloth

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth Morgan 3 Pack

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth Morgan 3 Pack

Lastly, I ordered a pack of bibs. Mischa isn't using bibs quite yet, but I might start putting one on her the odd time that Dylan gives her a bottle of breast milk, as she does tend to be a bit messy with the bottle. I'm sure once she starts teething we will get a ton of use out of these bibs! I chose the Georgia 4 Pack, which has a lemon, grape, strawberry, and watermelon print. This fabric is so soft and plush, and the bandana style is super cute on babies! 

Copper Pearl Bandana Bib Georgia 4 Pack

Copper Pearl Bandana Bib Georgia 4 Pack

For all of the moms (or dads, aunts, sisters, grandmas, etc.!), have you bought anything from Copper Pearl before? What are your favourite baby brands?

Sunday, 3 March 2019

First & Second Trimester Update

I've officially entered into my third trimester! I thought it would be nice to share a first and second trimester update, as I know that I love reading other people's updates. I've been keeping a pregnancy journal for my own memories, I know that it'll be nice to have that keepsake to share with my child when they're older.

25 Weeks Pregnant
25 Weeks Pregnant

I'm now 28 weeks, 1 day, which means that my third trimester started yesterday! While the first trimester dragged by, my second trimester seemed to just fly by. For my first 16 weeks, I was exhausted almost all of the time. After work, I would collapse on the couch for the rest of the evening. I had no appetite, and also no energy to cook or eat. Luckily, I only experienced light nausea occasionally, but never actually vomited - a huge relief! So, all things considered my first trimester definitely could have been a lot worse.

At 16 weeks, I got my appetite back and I was starting to feel more like my old self. At 18 weeks 1 day, I felt the baby kick for the first time. It was a Sunday morning, and the kick actually woke me up! Since then, I've been feeling kicks and punches all the time, and they still sometimes wake me up during the night. At 20 weeks, Dylan was able to feel baby kick, although normally when anyone else puts their hands on my bump baby gets shy! At 23 weeks I was able to actually see baby kicking, which was such an emotional moment for me - it made this pregnancy seem so real.

I've been having rib pain for a while now, mostly on my upper right side. There's not much that seems to help with this pain, but most of the time the aches are minor and manageable. In the past few weeks I've been starting to get back pain, and warm baths have been helping. You're not supposed to take hot baths when you're pregnant, and that's definitely a an indulgence that I've been missing, especially in the colder Winter months!


I had a dating ultrasound at 10 weeks, and I cried during the entire appointment! Seeing baby for the first time was so magical, and it put a lot of my worries to rest. My mother in law was also convinced that we were having twins, so it was a bit of a relief to see just one baby in there (twins seem so overwhelming!).

I went for my anatomy scan at 18 weeks 6 days, and baby was starting to look much more baby like. The technician looked at every last part of the baby, and we got a report of good health! The only concerning thing was that my placenta is lying low - not complete placenta previa, but still something that my midwife wants to keep an eye on. I have to go for a follow up ultrasound in the next few weeks to see if my placenta has moved up at all, my midwife is very optimistic that it has which helps to put my mind at ease.

Normally at this ultrasound you can find our the baby's sex, but we decided that we were going to wait until birth. It's one of the greatest surprises in life, and I always knew that I wanted to try to wait. But it's been hard!! Shopping for gender neutral baby clothing can be a challenge, I've been sticking mostly to whites, greys, yellows, and greens. Right now I've just picked up newborn and 0-3 month clothing, and then once the baby is born I can get a bit more creative with the colours/prints.

Anatomy Scan Ultrasound

Weight Gain/Body Image

I always imagined that I would have a huge baby bump, and that just isn't the case. I've been told countless times but people I know and complete strangers that my bump seems small for how far along I am. I know a lot of people would prefer to to be told that they're looking small, but these comments are really starting to get to me! PSA: don't comment on a pregnant woman's body!
At 28 weeks, I've gained 7 pounds, most of which has happened in the past month.
Even though I'm not growing at a rapid pace, I am still trying to keep my skin hydrated to hopefully avoid stretch marks. My top two favourite products are Saje's Vitamin Ease and Live Clean's Sheer Light Dry Body Oil. I tend to focus the Saje cream just on my bump and hips, and I'll apply the oil all over my body every night. I don't have any stretch marks yet, but I'll have to follow up after I give birth.

Saje Vitamin Ease

Live Clean Sheer Light Dry Body Oil


We've been slowly working on the nursery for weeks, and it's starting to come together! My favourite part of the nursery is my rocking chair. I spent a lot of time researching different rockers and gliders, and finally settled on the Viv + Rae West Line Rocker, which I ordered from Wayfair. It's super comfortable, the back is high enough that you can rest your head, and it rocks smoothly. I just need to find an ottoman to go with the rocker, which is proving to be a challenge!

Viv + Rae West Line Rocker


I thought that I would have major cravings while pregnant, but that really hasn't been the case! If anything, I've been wanting sweets more than normal, but I've always had a sweet tooth. I'm trying to be healthy, but I do treat myself to some Non-Dairy Haagen-Dazs every now and then!

Speaking of my sweet tooth, I went for my glucose test this week to screen for gestational diabetes. For the test, you drink a 50 gram orange drink, wait an hour, and then get your blood tested. Unfortunately, I just barely failed my test, and I had to go for the second, longer glucose test. My midwife said that sometimes people fail the test due to what they ate for breakfast (I had a bagel and peanut butter, my usual breakfast), stress, or poor sleep, and not necessarily because they have gestational diabetes.

Once I got my results from the first test, I have to admit that I was quite upset and scared. I realized that I have very little knowledge about diabetes, and the lifestyle changes that I would have to make would be quite drastic.

For the second glucose test, I had to fast for 12 hours, which was a struggle in and of itself! I had one blood draw, drank a 75 gram orange glucose drink - which I almost choked on it was so sweet! You have 5 minutes to drink the entire bottle, and then you wait an hour, get another blood draw, wait 1 more hour, and have your blood drawn for the third time. My midwife suggested that I have someone come to the test with me to drive me home as you can feel a bit shaky after the drink and fasting. Dylan was luckily able to get some time off of work to accompany me, and I really appreciated having him there with me. I got my results back yesterday, and thankfully my numbers were well within the normal range!

Glucose Drink

I think that about wraps up my first and second trimester experiences nicely! I'm incredibly excited to meet my little peanut, and while I don't want to wish away my third trimester, I can't help by find myself counting down the days until my due date (83 days to be exact!).

28 Weeks Pregnant
28 Weeks Pregnant

If you've been pregnant and have any third trimester must haves, please let me know in a comment below! xo

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Sunday, 11 November 2018

I'm Pregnant!

Well it's been a hot minute since we last chatted, hasn't it? After many years of blogging daily or at least a few times a week, I lost my passion and wanted to take a step back to focus on some other aspects of my life. Truth is, blogging is a lot more work than it probably seems! I found myself getting stressed about meeting brand deadlines, or posting about products that I wasn't truly excited about. But, I have been missing my creative outlet. So, Beyond Blush is now going to be updated as often as I like, without worrying about numbers, stats, PR, etc. Plus, I've got some really exciting news to share with you...

I'm pregnant!! 

Baby Onesie Pregnancy Announcement

This is by far the most exciting time in my life, and I love the idea of having a little online diary to share my pregnancy journey with all of you. Dylan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in August, which also marked a decade of us being together. We always knew that we wanted to have children, and late last year we decided that 2018 would be the year that we tried to turn that dream into reality. We finally found out that we were expecting on September 13th, the day before we left on vacation to London and Dublin! Needless to say, we were both over the moon excited, and it made our vacation that much more special. 

London Eye Pregnancy Announcement
We used this photo to tell Dylan's parents that we were expecting!

Black and White Pregnancy Announcement

Movie Poster Pregnancy Announcement

I'm really excited about this journey into motherhood, and I hope you enjoy the occasional pregnancy update! For any other moms out there, I'm open to advice advice that you have for me! Leave me a comment with your newborn must-haves, products that you wish you didn't splurge on, or favourite maternity jeans (I'm 12 weeks now, so I'm not quite needing maternity pants, but I'm hoping that my bump pops soon!).  

xo Laura

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

3 Days in Porto

At the end of our magical week and a half in Lisbon back in June, we boarded a train and headed to Porto. I didn't really have any expectations for Porto, and after absolutely loving Lisbon I was hoping that the end of our trip would be just as amazing. Well, as soon as we arrived in Porto I knew that this city was special.

Porto is a much, much smaller city compared to Lisbon. I think that three days was the perfect amount of time for Dylan and I to explore the city. However, if you don't have much time, I think that you could easily take in the city in 2 days, or even 1 if you're just passing through.

Day 1

After checking into our Airbnb and freshening up, we headed out to explore the city. Our apartment was right in the city centre, making it the perfect home base. Right around the corner was Igreja do Carmo, which has a beautiful blue tiled wall, and it was certainly a good indication of the beauty of Porto.

Igreja do Carmo Porto

My top priority for our time in Porto was to visit the Dom Luís I Bridge, and I'm sure that it tops most traveller's Porto itineraries. The two story bridge connects the cities of Porto and Gaia over the Douro River. We walked across the upper level of the bridge, stopping to take in the views of the river. We crossed over to Gaia, and bought some super cheap churros and ate them in Jardim do Morro. It was a beautiful early Summer afternoon, and it was really nice to just sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Dom Luís I Bridge Porto

Douro River Porto
View of Porto & the Douro River from Dom Luís I Bridge

We then crossed back over the bridge and explored Porto a bit further. We stumbled upon a Fado performance, where locals were sitting on church steps and the singers were on an apartment balcony. At this moment in time I felt completely immersed in Portuguese culture, as Dylan and I listened to the beautiful Fado music, and danced in the streets of Porto. 

Fado Music Porto

Day 2 started off with a visit to Mercado do Bolhão, a fruit market. I picked up some local produce, and Dylan bought some olives, which locals seemed to be snacking on. 

Mercado do Bolhão Porto

Mercado do Bolhão Porto

Livraria Lello was Dylan's must-see spot in Porto. This bookstore is so popular partly because it's absolutely stunning, and partly because J. K. Rowling spent quite a bit of time here while she lived in Port in the 90's. We passed by this bookstore a few times before we finally realized that it would always be busy, and that we should just face the crowds and go in. You do need to buy a ticket to enter Livraria Lello, but you can use the cost of entry towards a book, which both Dylan and I ended up doing. The red winding staircase is stunning, and the wooden details add to charm of the shop. I've read online that photos are prohibited, but this definitely wasn't the case when I visited in June 2017. 

Livraria Lello Porto

Livraria Lello Ceiling

After wandering around the city for the afternoon, we found our way to Park Palacio De Cristal just before it closed. We were able to walk around the front of the park, and we caught sight of a few wild peacocks before they flew into the treetops for the night. I knew that I wanted to explore the park further, so Dylan and I vowed to return the next day. 

Park Palacio De Cristal

Day 3

As promised, we returned to Park Palacio De Cristal in the morning, and we spent a few hours slowly wandering throughout the park. There were peacocks, chickens, roosters, ducks, and more. There were quite a few momma peacocks with their babies, which were incredibly adorable. The park is beautifully maintained, and offers beautiful views of the Douro River. 

Park Palacio De Cristal

Park Palacio De Cristal

We then strolled back over to the Douro River, where we decided to buy tickets for a river cruise. There were a few different companies offering boat rides, and we just went with the cheapest option as we weren't too picky. Our boat ride lasted about an hour, and it was a great way to see the city from a different view point. 

Douro River Cruise

Once we were back on land, we spent a few hours browsing the shops along the Douro River, picking up souvenirs for our family and friends back home. We crossed the city for our last dinner in Porto at Lupin Restaurante, where we ordered vegan versions of Porto's famous francesinhas and pastel de natas for dessert. I'm going to be sharing my top vegan restaurants in Porto in a separate blog post, but Lupin was definitely a stand out! 

Dom Luís I Bridge at Night

After dinner we headed back to the Douro River to see the Dom Luís I Bridge by night. Porto is such a delightful city by day, but it's absolutely charming by night. I felt very safe in Porto, the locals were incredibly kind and welcoming. Dylan actually accidentally left his wallet on a bench after we finished eating lunch, and a local construction worker ran it over to us! While Lisbon is a fun and vibrant city, I was definitely always aware of my surroundings, and even had to swat away a pickpocket for the first time in my life! In contrast, in Porto I felt a sense of security and calmness that comes naturally with a smaller city. After a busy 10 days in Lisbon, it was really nice to end our vacation in Porto. 3 days was the perfect amount of time for us to leisurely explore Porto, recharge our batteries, and get ready for the transition back to working life. 

Porto Portugal

I went into our time in Porto with almost no expectations, and I'll be honest: Porto was a bit of an afterthought once I already planned out our time in Lisbon. However, I'm so, so glad that we were able to squeeze a few days in Porto into our Portugal itinerary.

Have you been to Porto? Did you love this charming city as much as I did?

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Feeling Fancy

In my day to day life I tend to stick to jeans, tanks, flowy dresses, or something equally as comfortable and laid back. However, I do also love dressing up for special occasions. I normally don't wear heels, but a few years ago I saw these stunning heels at Call It Spring and I just had to have them. To be honest, I haven't worn them too many times, as they are quite high and I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to heels. However, these heels are just too gorgeous to sit in my closet! So, for my last date night with the hubby I strapped on these beautiful heels and paired them with a feminine dress from Tobi.

Feeling Fancy

Feeling Fancy

OOTD Feeling Fancy

This shift dress from Tobi is super feminine and chic, and I absolutely love the sexy back detail along with the bow detail at the neck. This soft rose colour will work well year round, but it's also available in a stunning merlot that would be great for Fall & Winter. 

OOTD Feeling Fancy

OOTD Feeling Fancy

OOTD Feeling Fancy

OOTD Feeling Fancy

OOTD Feeling Fancy

Dress: c/o Tobi 
Heels: Call It Spring (old)

What are your favourite date night looks? Are you more of a heels or flats girl?

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