Wednesday, 27 July 2011

OPInionated Builds a "Mystery"

Add a little intrigue to your collection with one of my favourite OPI Designer Series colours: Mystery. I acquired this rare gem online as a gift. This beautiful deep purple jelly glistens with super fine gold dust and goes on smooth, not bumpy like glitters. It was very quick drying and easy to apply; however, it did chip easily. The first coat came out a transparent but vibrant violet. The second coat completely changed the effect as it became an opaque black with violet hints in the light. Combined with the gold dust, this colour really packs a punch with a glamorous badass feel. Unfortunately this DS is not holographic but I love it because it feels like you are staring up into space when you look at your nails! So do you think it’s worth the extra cash for this DS colour?

A nice close up. See the purple and gold?

It looks darker here, like it would usually look.

Photos by SF



  1. I think it is worth the extra money for sure. It has a very classy look that cannot be achieved with regular nail polish. The chameleon effect of this polish also makes it unique and beautiful! I will buy it for sure!
    Thanks for recommending it!

  2. Hi there, thank you for commenting on my giveaway!!!! Good luck

    I added another polish and will be adding more.

    I think it is so cool that you are from Canada and you visited my blog. I love Canada and Canadians! wooohoo! eh?

    Unfortunately I don't have Crown me Already, or I would do a comparison for you : (

  3. Love this color <3 I have it too.

  4. @lovenailpolish - I recently put up a post on Crown Me Already, they both look like disco ball nails!

  5. Thanks for your comments nailbird and Claudia! @lovenailpolish- I love how there are OPI fans all over the globe! We Canadians know how to wear it right. Remember the Canadian Collection?

  6. your nail shape is dated :S love the ds line sooo great

  7. @ Anonymous: True that the squoval shape is the trend right now but its generally accepted that its the individuals preference. I find that since my nails grow in a more oval shape it damages my nails to file them square. Thanks for your comment though :)What style do you wear?


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