Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crown Me Already!

This lacquer is part of the newly released Miss Universe collection, which should have hit stores at the beginning of July 2011, but a lot of my local stores have yet to receive it.

As you can see in the picture above, this polish looks like a disco ball exploded on your nails! I used three coats for complete coverage, and you need all three coats. The polish consists of a silver base, with additional silver glitters ranging in size, from tiny to quite large. Make sure that each layer is dry before adding the next, or you might drag some of the glitter, creating bald spots. 

This picture shows just how "chunky" this glitter is. I had pieces of glitter hanging off the nail edge that I had to remove after the polish dried. As I find with most glitters, when this polish chipped, it chipped in large quantities. Within the first day of wear I had chips on the majority of my nails! In fact, I only kept this polish on for two days because the chipping was so bad. It lasted the full two days because I absolutely hate removing glitters! This time I tried the foil method, and I was quite pleased! Use pure acetone remover and saturate a cotton ball. Place the cotton on the nail, and then wrap in tin foil. Repeat on each nail, and leave on for 5-10 minutes. After this amount of time the polish should be fully removed. I had one or two nails which still had some glitter left, but it was removed easily with a little rubbing. I will use this method again, as it time saving and I feel that it's healthier for your nails, as you greatly reduce the amount of harsh rubbing and/or picking at the glitter.

The main difference between Crown Me Already! and Servin' Up Sparkle is that the SUS is a holographic glitter, and the clear base would make it better for layering. I feel that Crown Me Already! would be too opaque over other polishes. So although these two polishes look similar in the bottle, they definitely serve different purposes.
Will you be picking up this polish? It is a limited release, so if you like it pick it up soon!

Disclosure: This polish was bought by myself.

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