Sunday, 17 July 2011

Grape...Set... Match & Servin' Up Sparkle

I was super excited to try this polish combination! All of the pictures of it that I've seen looked simply gorgeous. OPI has teamed up with tennis pro Serena Williams to create sets of duos that will each launch accordingly with tennis tournaments. Grape...Set...Match and Servin' Up Sparkle was part of the Glam Slam England release. There was also another duo that was released at the same time that included Your Royal Shine-ness and Servin' Up Sparkle. I decided not to pick this duo up because I wasn't too fond of the silver foil of Your Royal Shineness and I already owned Servin' Up Sparkle. I also wasn't too sure how well Servin' Up Sparkle would appear over a silver foil.
Grape...Set...Match is a beautiful medium-deep purple containing micro glitter. I definitely didn't have a dupe for this in my collection. This is a polish that doesn't need to have a glitter top coat layered over it to make it special, but who doesn't love glitter top coats?
This polish was fully opaque in two coats, but I'm a habitual three coater, so that's what you will see in the pictures. I did find that the colour deepened with the third coat.
Indoors, with flash. The second picture gives you an idea about the micro glitter that I mentioned before. It is subtle, but gives the polish a little extra pizzazz.

Label view, camera refused to focus :(

Servin' Up Sparkle is a clear jelly (sorbet?) base with multi-sized holographic glitter. This is not a polish that I would wear on its own, since I highly doubt that it would ever be opaque. I only used one coat of this polish over Grape...Set...Match and loved the amount of "bling" that it offered.
With flash
Without flash...
You can see the holographic effect on my thumbnail, and also in the bottle :)

I also decided to take a short video clip so that you could see more of the holographic effect. Sorry for the poor filming quality!

Overall, I am very, very pleased with this release from OPI! Some are speculating that Servin' Up Sparkle is a dupe for the newer release of Crown me Already! from the Miss Universe collection. The main differences between the two polishes is that Crown me Already! is able to build up to an opaque polish, whereas Servin' Up Sparkle will not. Also, Servin' Up Sparkle has holographic glitter, as opposed to Crown me Already!'s non-holographic, silver glitter. I might put up a swatch comparison of the two polishes.
I do believe that these polishes are a limited release since they are affiliated with Serena Williams, and not part of OPI's classic collection. So if you like them, get them before they're gone!

Disclosure: I purchased these polishes myself.

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