Thursday, 21 July 2011

OPInionated goes "Over the Taupe"

Hey there! This is opifanatic’s friend and fellow addict OPInionated, an art history major with a collection of 40 OPIs.
Upon keen observation, I have found a pattern in the habits of my fellow OPI addicts: Once you use OPI, nothing else is quite the same. So I thought the term “OPIum” addiction was appropriate. Any quick internet search for opium addiction (as in dependence on the drug derived from poppies) will give you a list of symptoms. However it is not well known that these same symptoms apply to “OPIum” addicts. “When first used, OPIum can give users a feeling of euphoria, extreme calm, or well being. As time goes on, the addict develops an increasing tolerance to the effects of the drug, and more and more of the drug is needed to produce the initial effect of euphoria. Many individuals who suffer from an addiction to OPIum will eventually get symptoms of withdrawal after years of using.” Luckily OPI is legal and looks fabulous!
One of my favourite OPI shades is the mysterious “Over the Taupe.” I find it surprising that this shade is from the “Brights Collection” as taupe is quite a muted, autumn colour while the other colours are summery and vibrant. Now the name “Over the Taupe” sounds cute and witty but the word taupe makes me think boing and dull; however this shade is anything but! When I wore this polish, none of my friends could seem to place exactly what colour it was as it sometimes appears brown, beige or even purple. I love how this colour is edgy but also classic and sophisticated enough to wear to work. It has even been seen on such celebrity hands as Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale and Lily Allen. Often compared to the ever popular “You Don't Know Jacques” from OPI’s French Collection, “Over the Taupe” holds its own as a warmer and more playful colour that goes well with any skin tone. Overall, “Over the Taupe" is definitely a staple for any “OPIum” addict’s collection.

Over the Taupe with flash
Over the Taupe without flash

I decided to add a little shimmer on day three so this is Over the Taupe with one coat of "Paris Couture For Sure"

I am OPInionated and I approve this message.
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