Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rally Pretty Pink with Red Shatter

I was super excited to try out this duo! Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter come in a package together, called the Serena Glam Slam France Duo. You are able to buy Red Shatter on its own, but I think Rally Pretty Pink is only available as part of the duo, unless you find it somewhere online, like Ebay.  But remember, no etailer is authorized to sell OPI, so you are taking the risk of getting a fake product.
Rally Pretty Pink has been compared to Its MY Year from the Miss Universe collection. I have both of these lacquers in my collection, and it is pretty hard to tell the difference between the two based solely on looking at the bottles. However, on the nail they are very different! Rally Pretty Pink is a pink based shade, while It's MY Year is more purple toned. The second I applied Its MY Year I fell in love! So I had quite high expectations for Rally Pretty Pink. I'm sad to say that it let me down :( Its not an ugly or bad shade, it just wasn't what I was hoping it would be. I applied three coats, and you can still see VNL (visible nail line). However, it was showing up much more in photos than I noticed in real life.
Rally Pretty Pink is a pink base with tons of gold shimmer in it. It's pretty pale, and I find that the gold overshadows the pink.

The next two pictures will show how the colour changes from pink to gold in different lights.

Label View :)
Next up is Red Shatter! I have only used black shatter before, and I was impressed with its results, never had any problems with it. I didn't pick up any of OPI's other shatter shades because I was unsure of what I would layer them over, other than white or black. 
Red Shatter has a jelly consistency, and it lets a lot of the base colour show through. While I wasn't a fan of Rally Pretty Pink on its own, I loved it underneath Red Shatter! It transformed it from a boring pale pink, to something exciting! Maybe this is why you can only purchase it in the duo...

It definitely looks more "pinky" under the shatter!

What do you think about this duo? I believe that they are limited release, so if you like them, snatch them up soon!
I will post a comparison of Rally Pretty Pink and Its MY Year! so that you can see the differences :)

Disclosure: These polishes were purchased by myself.


  1. you should do reviews of the new opi collections - miss universe and touring america!

  2. I have reviewed three of the four Miss Universe Collection lacquers! And you can expect to see some of the Touring America colours soon :)


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