Friday, 29 July 2011

Read My Nails!

Newspaper Nails!

Extra! Extra! Thought newspaper nails looked chunky and juvenile? Well I've got news! This new sleek and classic version puts a whole new twist on the idea. Instead of using a stark white and trying to paste newspaper on or ink in text, use these three easy steps:

1) Prep nails with two coats of OPI "Skull and Glossbones" from OPI's recently released Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

2) Once that is completely dry, dip your nail in rubbing alcohol.

3) Apply pieces of newspaper a little larger than your nail and hold down, making sure to push it into the corners too. I found it worked best when I held it for about 30 seconds but it depends on how much ink is on your newspaper.

Tip: If you don't have this colour you can use another muted grayish colour like Moon Over Mumbai but its definitely worth getting S&G.

Voila! A funky effect that can act as a conversation starter. Its also fun to try and decipher which words showed up on your nails.



Thank you for this idea


  1. Very pretty design new blog follower!!

  2. Thanks Pinkbeauty_love for your comment! Welcome to the blog :) New members are always appreciated.

  3. Oooh love this idea! I will try this except using a different polish.

  4. i saw this on cutepolishs youtube! its such a cool idea, you can even do them with comic strips

  5. ahhhh i tried doing it several times today only to find out that i was doin it wrong!!! lol i had to read it all over again.

  6. @Sidrah: I'll have to give that a try, it would produce really cool colours if you used the Sunday colour comics! @ Kai Sensei: The first time I tried this i did it wrong too. I soaked the newspaper in the alcohol but it ended up getting all gooey and wouldn't adhere to the nail. Let me know if it worked in the end :)


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