Thursday, 28 July 2011

Teenage Dream with Black Shatter

This was the polish that I was most excited for from the Katy Perry collection. Teenage Dream looks gorgeous in the bottle! It is a very light, pale pink jelly packed with holographic glitter. It is a bit on the sheer side, even after three coats I could still see VNL (visible nail line).
Indoors, no flash.

With flash. 

The glitter in this polish is holographic, so be sure to get out in the sun to see the true beauty of this one! You can get a better idea of the glitter in the picture below. 

Label view 

OPI introduced Black Shatter with the Katy Perry Collection, and it flew off the shelves! It took me a few months to even be able to find a store that had one bottle in stock. But now that I have my hands on it, I am loving it! I've heard a lot of complaints from others about the shatter polishes, but I myself have never had a problem. a very common problem with the shatter polish is that it will dry up in the bottle. Since the shatter dries so quickly on the nail, it does the same in the bottle every time you open the lid. I have heard some people say that they put a piece of tin foil over the opening of the bottle while they are painting their nails in order to keep the bottle from drying out. However, if your shatter has already dried up, you can add a few drop of Nail Lacquer Thinner (I have the OPI brand ones). The thinner also works great in glitter polishes that have dried up, or in older bottles of polishes that have become too thick. This product is a definite must for any polish addict. The OPI brand thinner drops cost me the same as a normally priced bottle of polish ($9.95 in Canada). Whatever you do, DON'T use nail polish remover to thin your polishes!! This is a big mistake, as you will end up ruining your lacquers. 
Now on to the pictures... 
With flash.

Without flash.

I used Black Shatter on my ring finger as an accent finger, a pretty popular trend right now in polish. 
Overall, I really liked this combo. I really wanted to love Teenage Dream by itself, but it fell flat. Maybe it was  the fact that it was so pale and transparent. I will see how this layers over other pink polishes. 


  1. @Michelle - Thank you! It seems like I'm one of the lucky few that haven't had any problems with the shatter formula!

  2. I think the effect you achieved with teenage dream and shatter is fantastic!
    I agree with your comments about shatter drying up. I had the same problem. I think OPI should have a label that discloses the products tendency to dry or clump up if it is not covered at all times. At $10 a bottle it is an expensive loss, especially if the bottle is still nearly full like mine was.

  3. @nailbird - OPI included a similar disclosure on their bottles of Suede and Matte finishes, saying that the colour tends to chip easier than regular finish lacquer. It would have been nice if they included something like this in regards to the shatter drying up and/or clumping!


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