Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Comparison Swatches - OPI Ink. & Russian Navy

My first comparison post!
First up: OPI Ink. This polish is a dark purple with dark blue/navy tones, and sparkle :) It took 3 coats of this polish to reach full opacity. I wore this as a full manicure, and the sparkle in this polish reminded me of Grape...Set...Match, so I also included that polish in the comparison. The only similarity GSM really has with OPI Ink. is the sparkle, since the purples are two completely different tones.
Russian Navy is a dark Navy, with purple shimmer. I reached full opacity with this polish with 2 coats. OPI Ink. and Russian Navy look almost identical in the bottle! But there are definite differences on the nail, making both of the polishes a unique addition to anyone's stash.
Here's a shot of the bottles side by side, with flash so you can see the shade differences.

L: Russian Navy   R: OPI Ink. 

L-R: Grape...Set...Match, Russian Navy, OPI Ink. 

L: Russian Navy   R: OPI Ink. 

Here's a bottle shot with no flash. Since both colours are pretty dark, it was hard to see much without the flash. This is good idea of how similar they look in the bottle, to the naked eye. 

I found OPI Ink. much harder to remove compared to Russian Navy. However, Russian Navy did stain my nail a bit. I also found the shimmer in OPI Ink. much more apparent than the shimmer in Russian Navy. 
What do you think, are the too similar or do you find them unique? Do you own one or the other? Or both?

Disclosure: I purchased all of these polishes myself. 


  1. I own both, and I also have the matte version of Russian Navy. I think that Ink is just a tad more purple and has a slightly more coarse shimmer. Russian navy has more of a fine shimmery finish. Both are lovely but I think my favorite out of the two is OPI Ink :)

  2. @Claudia - Great way of describing the differences, I agree with you!
    My favourite would also be OPI Ink. :)

  3. I have both also & my fav is Ink. Russian Navy gets a bit darker on me after I get 2-3 coats on (esp on toes) and I loose the blue - it goes to black & I have to use a topper to try and bring the blue back out. But since I cannot wear plain black - it still had a place in my stash.

  4. Oh and thanks for the side by side comparisons! These are always helpful!

  5. @beachgal - I know what you mean, dark, vampy colours tend to look just like black when used as a pedicure! OPI Ink. is a nice medium navy :)
    - I feel as though you can't really tell the colour differences unless two polishes are shown side by side. The lighting is always different and I hate scrolling up and down to compare shots! So I'm glad you appreciate the side by side comparisons xo


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