Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DS Extravagance

This polish photographs incredibly well! As you will see in a little bit :)

DS polishes - Designer Series - are more expensive than the regular range of OPI polishes, and this is because of the higher quality ingredients and formulation. DS polishes have diamond dust in the formula - yes, real diamond dust! I love the application of DS polishes - they are incredibly smooth and fast drying. The end result resembles a glitter polish, but dries to a smooth finish and removes easily. 

DS Extravagance is a magenta colour, but it leans much more towards the purple side. This a scattered holographic polish, with a rainbow of shimmer! This really is a polish that you must see in real life to understand its full beauty! Only two coats were needed for full opacity. 

I know, a little overboard with the pictures, but I am just in love with this polish! I definitely think that this polish is worth the higher price tag, as I will find myself reaching for it again and again.

Do you own this DS shade? What is your favourite of the DS polishes? Do you think they are worth the extra money?


  1. I just got this yesterday! I can't wait to try it out on my nails. I didn't get the hype over the DS series but I love them now. They are so gorgeous!!

  2. Loooove this color! So gorgeous for fall and winter!


  3. Very nice colour. I think the DS is well worth the extra $$$$.

  4. This polish is simply amazing!

  5. The color is gorgeous! Sorta deep, yet still bright :)

  6. Thank you for all the nice comments, I love reading all of them! I really do think that the DS line is worth the extra costs - the formula is just amazing!

  7. I need this! Gots to have it!

    Love your pics Lady but you cost me a feckin' fortune in OPI :P

  8. @CherrySue - I know that your wallet might not be my biggest fan, but I know that your nails will love me! :P


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