Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I painted my nails Last Friday Night!

Here’s some more Katy Perry for you! OPI’s Katy Perry Collection features Last Friday Night, a very sheer blue with little pieces of pink, blue and green foil micro-glitter circles. It has a gluey texture and unfortunately can’t really be worn alone. I choose to wear two coats of it over Alpine Snow. I love the effect this creates as it reminds me of Cinderella’s dress from Disney’s Cinderella! If you prefer a more subtle sparkle then try a coat of Last Friday Night over a deep blue like Dating a Royal or Ski Teal We Drop (As seen in photo 3). This polish can be difficult to remove, easily chips and takes 4 layers of polish! However, I still love this colour so for me it’s worth it :) What do you think? Any other colours this looks good with?

Last Friday Night over Alpine Snow

Last Friday Night over Ski Teal We Drop, On its own and over Dating a Royal


  1. this is a cute polish but i HATE glittery polishes, they are so hard to remove and its such a pain. But they look soo pretty too :)

  2. I love this, have all the Katy Perry polishes!

    Sidrah can you pick up Cutex Moisture Guard Remover where you are?

    I know a lot of blogs recommend the tin foil method for getting rid of glitters but this Cutex remover is AWESOME for making short work of them x

  3. Thanks for the tip Cherry Sue! I'll have to look for that too because I also hate removing glitters.


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