Friday, 26 August 2011

Milani Jewel FX Silver

I won this glitter polish in a giveaway, and Pinkbeauty_love commented saying that this was the lacquer that she wanted to see swatched first! So, here it is :)

I have never used a Milani polish before, and honestly, the information on the bottle sort of made me question their knowledge on nail lacquer. The back label states "Directions: To rejuvenate the highly concentrated formula pour a small amount of acetone based nail polish remover in the bottle and shake well..." Now, most nail polish fanatics know that this is a horrible idea. Nail polish remover will very likely ruin your polish instead of rejuvenating it. Nail lacquer thinner drops are a much better, safer idea. I'm not sure why Milani would have suggested this idea...

Milani Jewel FX Silver is PACKED with hexagon silver glitters, in a clear base. I would have preferred the glitter to be in a coloured base, say silver, so that there weren't as many bald spots. The glitters sort of reminded me of fish scales on the nail!

This is three coats (do you see what I mean about fish scales?). I'm also not sure what happened to the tip of my ring finger. I found this formula to have an incredibly long drying time, and even after 45 minutes, I was able to smudge all three layers off of my nail!

Now, this polish clearly isn't for me as a full mani, but I think it will have potential as a glittery top coat! The dry time worries me though, as I don't want it to ruin any manicure I layer it over.

Have you tried this polish? Are all Milani lacquers slow to dry or is it just the polishes in the Jewel FX line?

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