Monday, 1 August 2011

Not Like the Movies & Black Shatter

Now there was a bit of controversy surrounding this shade... The first batch that OPI released seemed significantly different from the subsequent batches. Remind anyone of the My Private Jet controversy?
There is a "silver" and a "duochrome" version of Not Like the Movies. I think I must have the duochrome version, because the colour changed on my nail each time I looked at them!
Not Like the Movies was released earlier this year, with the Katy Perry collection. I still see this polish around, but it is becoming a bit harder to find. It won't become part of OPI's Classics collection, since it is affiliated with Katy Perry.
Not Like the Movies (well, the version I have anyways), is a very interesting, unique colour. It can look green, gray, and even purple. It also contains a slight shimmer. It is more on the sheer side, so I believe I had to use 4 coats!

You can see the different shades in this shot. More grey in the middle of the nails, with green along the edges.

Here it looks all gray... 

Now you can really see the green! 

Now there's a hint of lilac along the sides! (Please ignore the leftover glitter
 from my Crown Me Already! mani)

The Katy Perry line was released with Black Shatter. I have to admit, I wasn't loving Not Like the Movies on its own, so I added Black Shatter to my accent nail. Again, I've never had any problems with the shatter line, it went on smoothly and shattered nicely. 

I feel that the Black Shatter really allowed for Not Like the Movies to be the best polish that it could be. All of the different colours and shimmers in it shone threw the shatter nicely. 
Overall, I'm not sure how many times I will be wearing this polish, but when I do, I will for sure be layering Black Shatter over top. 
What are your thoughts on this polish? What version do you think I got? Were you disappointed in the version that you got?

Disclosure: I purchased this polish myself. 


  1. How interesting, I didn't know that they changed it a bit. I have the DuoChrome version as well I think. I just wish it wasn't so sheer.

  2. @Claudia - I bought this colour online and was nervous about which formula I would receive!
    yes, four coats to achieve full opacity is a bit tedious!

  3. I know what you mean! I have the duochrome version yaay'!! but the MPJ at my supply has the non holo one, they did not even notice about the formula difference till I told them and showed them pics, darn it!!

  4. I LOVE Not Like the Movies! I have the same duochrome version and I can't stop staring at my nails when I wear it. Have not tried it with the shatter, that just might have to be this weeks mani!

  5. @Jossie - I can also only find the non-holo MPJ - But I still love it! I have a feeling that my local Trade Secrets owner would also by unaware of the formula differences!

    @Ange - Definitely give the shattered look a try! Let me know how you like it :)


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