Monday, 29 August 2011

Sparrow Me the Drama

OPI released its Pirates of the Caribbean Collection May 2011, and I must say, I was extremely excited for this launch! The collection consisted of 6 dusty shades and Silver Shatter. Also, this was one of the few OPI collections that didn't include a red!!
Sparrow Me the Drama is a dusty pink, pale but not sheer. Application of this polish was perfect, no brush strokes or bald spots. I didn't have too high expectations for this colour, it really didn't "wow" me in the bottle. But I really enjoyed it on the nail! I was going to layer it with Silver Shatter but I liked it enough on its own that I never got around to it!

3 coats, no top coat

This polish is still available in some salons, but it won't become a part of OPI's Classics Collection. So, if you like it, try to pick it up now while you still can!

Have you ever doubted a colour in the bottle but ended up loving it on the nail?


  1. I am not a fan of "pinks", but this is gorgeous on your hand!!!

  2. Just found your blog-am a new follower! Why do you love OPI so much? I am not a huge fan as you are-the brush bugs me!! Love your blog though!

  3. @Fingers - I really love the formulas of the polishes, the wide range of colours, and the names! I like their pro-wide brush!
    Thanks for the follow!


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