Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stranger Tides

Stranger Tides is probably my favourite colour from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collection. This colour really didn't wow me in the promo pics (I thought that Stranger Tides and Skull and Glossbones looked really similar!) but I love it on the nail. 
Stranger Tides is a muted, dusty light green creme. This colour won't give you a "wow" factor, but I still really enjoy wearing it. OPI released two greens in this collection, Stranger Tides and Mermaids Tears, the latter probable had the most hype. I prefer the formula of Stranger Tides, as I find Mermaids Tears to be extremely streaky! I will try this colour with OPI's Ridge Filler to see if that helps things out. 

3 coats, no flash

3 coats, with flash

I layered OPI's Silver Shatter over top of Stranger Tides, but I wasn't too fond of the combination. I much prefer this shade on its own. Please let me know if you would like me to post pictures of this combination!

What was your favourite shade from the Pirates Collection?


  1. This one may actually be my favorite from the collection -- combines a love of greens and greys really wonderfully.

  2. You've got a FANTASTIC blog!! Really enjoy reading it. Definitely followed : )
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  3. I am not usually a fan of OPI so I didn't get any from that collection, but am already wanting most of the fall touring america collection!

  4. I love Stranger Tides, it's such a gorgeous muted green. I also just yesterday bought Mermaids Tears and I'm hoping it's not too streaky as the colour was just gorgeous.


  5. I LOVE this colour!!

  6. I"m a fan of this polish too!

  7. this colour looks gorgeous! its totally different from all the other drugstore polishes. on another note, i noticed you're from canada. i'm from there too, haha.
    x. Jenn (:

  8. loove this nail polish!

    if you're not already following me, you could if you want to and i'll follow you back if i'm not already following you.

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  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!
    @Jennifer - I'm glad to have a fellow Canadian on here! Ill definitely check out your blog :)
    @Makeup and Macaroons - Let me know how you find Mermaids Tears! It's such a lovely colour.
    @Rahel Stephanie - I will give your blog a look!


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