Friday, 9 September 2011

Julep Sienna

Here is the first of the two Julep polishes I received in my August Maven box!
Julep Sienna is a gold polish with silver undertones. I thought that this polish would be a dupe for OPI's Glitzerland, but the two lacquers definitely have their differences. I will post a comparison of the two polishes soon.
Julep polishes run for $14 on their website, which I think is pretty expensive considering the small amount of polish that you get - just .27 fl oz. OPI polishes contain .50 fl oz. So, Julep polishes are just over half the size of an OPI polish, with an even higher price tag!
I was surprised by this polish, it was the first polish that I had ever used from Julep. The wear time was great, I didn't experience any chipping, but I do change my polish very frequently (daily or every other day). 

Here is a bottle picture to give you an idea of the size of the bottle, compared to my hand. 

I'm not quite sure of the design of the bottle, there is this black paint on only one side of every bottle. 
3 coats for full opacity
Sienna is a silvery gold, but I feel like it also has some green undertones. They aren't strong, or very apparent at all, but I do feel as though they are there. 

Overall, I did enjoy the consistency and finish of this polish. I do think that I prefer OPI's Glitzerland over Sienna though. I will compare the two and make my final decision :)

If you wanted to sign up for the Julep Maven program, you can do so here.

Have you ever used a polish from Julep before? Which one? What are your thoughts on Sienna?


  1. I have Sienna on my toes right now I love it! I think the black paint on the side of the bottle is weird too, its just doesnt look right and ugly!

  2. I have this but only use it for stamping! Not my kind of color !

  3. I'm loving this color!

  4. Yes, the black side is a little odd. On another note its a pretty polish!

  5. I got Sienna in my box too, I'm a little undecided how I feel about it. I'm glad the (1) painted black side caught someone else's attention too - I HATE it...what's the point of it? lol

  6. I'm glad some of you noticed the black painted side too! I don't understand it at all, maybe they were trying to be artsy?

  7. This color is soo pretty!! I've never heard of this brand either but it looks pretty good.

    I'm also obsessed with nail polish and nail art. I found your blog from nykki's mane blog hop. Im following:)

  8. Welcome kellabella83! I'm very happy that you found my blog and are a new follower :)


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