Saturday, 17 September 2011

$OPI - Break a Leg-Warmer!

Sephora also has a line of shades in collaboration with OPI, which is commonly referred to as $OPI, since these shades come with a higher price tag (around $12 CDN), and no noticeable formula differences.

Break a Leg-Warmer! was released earlier this year, in Sephora by OPI's Urban Ballerina collection. This was the only shade I picked up from this collection, simply because there were a lot of colours that I wanted from the regular OPI line at the time (Texas Collection, Katy Perry...). As soon as I saw this colour in the stores, I fell in love. This looked like the perfect concrete grey that was missing from my collection! (Anyone notice that before Touring America, OPI released very, very few greys?) But, the only bottle left in the store was the store sample! So, I stalked the in the following weeks. Finally, my boyfriend was able to track this colour down and surprised me with it! I love how he enables my addiction :)

This polish applied well, only 2 coats were needed for full coverage. One downfall to this polish was the drying time. It wasn't incredibly long, but just a bit longer than I'm used to with the normal OPI range. Due to this, I did end up with some slight smudging. 
Sephora by OPI has a different bottle shape than the original OPI line. The bottle is more narrow and the cap is longer. I prefer the look of the regular OPI bottle, I find it to be more classic. 

Sephora by OPI bottle shape.

Overall, I do love the colour of this polish, but I wish it was at a lower price point and had a faster drying time. I also didn't like the lack of shine with this polish, it dried to a very flat finish. I added OPI's Top Coat to make the polish shinier, which you see in the photos :)

What do you think of the $OPI line? Do you mind paying the extra few dollars if you find a colour you love?

*Updated with new photos! Jan. 9th 2012*


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  2. OPI is one of my favourite brands of polish, I'm more than happy to pay that little bit extra as It lasts for ages on my nails with or without a topcoat!

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