Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pamplona Purple

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posts recently :( I just moved back to school and its been crazy hectic, and my internet isn't set up yet, so I'm currently blogging in Starbucks (thank goodness for their wifi!) I hope to get back to regular posts as soon as my internet is up and running! So needless to say, this will be a fairly quick, short post today!

So the colour that I have for you all today is OPI's Pamplona Purple, from their Espana Collection, which was released Fall 2009. This colour has since been included in their Classics Collection.

Pamplona Purple is a medium purple creme. I really love this colour! It's not too bright and not too dark, a perfect middle ground. This colour applied easily, only two coats were needed for full coverage.

What do you think of this colour? What is your favourite polish finish? Creme? Glitter? Shimmer? Matte? Suede? Shatter? Let me know, I love reading your comments :)


  1. This colour looks pretty :) I don´t have favourite polish.

  2. This is a very pretty color. I like all finishes on polishes! Hope your internet gets set up soon!

  3. I've had this one for about a year and still haven't tired of it. Such a classic shade!

  4. @imfeelingnail-venturous - Thanks! Looks like it won't get set up til at least Tuesday because of the long weekend :( So I'm stuck using various wifi hotspots until then lol
    @Llama - Try it out, let me know how you like it!

  5. Love this polish! It looks great on your lovely nails.

  6. I really like this color! :) I used to hate purple, but for some reason, it is growing on me! lmbo!

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    xoxo, nykki


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