Sunday, 30 October 2011

Paris Couture for Sure

OPI's Paris Couture for Sure is marketed as a glitter top coat, but I find that it is so gorgeous on its own! Paris Couture for Sure has been discontinued for a long, long time, but I was lucky enough to find it on this summer in a pack with a black label Kyoto Pearl! (And the two pack cost me around $16!!) So you probably won't be able to find this holographic polish in stores, but you might find it online every once in a while if you're lucky. 

Paris Couture for Sure required 4 coats for full opacity, since it technically is a glitter top coat. This polish dried to a smooth finish, not like a chunky glitter at all. This is by far the best holographic polish I have ever tried. I wish OPI would put out more holographic polishes like this one. When you are in direct light, or even better, sunlight, this polish shines. Every colour of the rainbow sparkles, and you can't help but stare at your nails!

I loved wearing this polish! Even though it is pretty rare, I believe in wearing and appreciating the polish that you own. If I use up this bottle, at least I will know that I really enjoyed it!

What is your favourite holographic polish?


  1. I loooove PCFS! It's so gorgeous.

  2. Such a pretty colour!! Love!

  3. its looks beautiful. I sure am gonna try! love.xo

  4. I have Kyoto Pearl - but I don't remember this shade coming out in the same collection. I thought Kyoto Pearl came in a collection all about Japan - maybe it was in a global world travel something collection. I do think OPI moved ahead leaps and bounds from Kyoto Pearl to when they made Pearl of Wisdom. Took some time to learn how to get out of the old pearl and frost technology and more into newer finishes that had far better shimmer, metallics, pearls, etc.

  5. @Beachgal - I got this polish in a Duo You Love to Shop? duo! They had two others (Passion for NY Fashion & Paris Couture for Sure, and At the Berry Bowl & Thrills in Beverly Hills Glitter Top Coat).
    Do you wear Pearl of Wisdom by itself or do you layer it? :)


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