Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rainbow Connection

Today I have OPI's Rainbow Connection to show you! I was sooo excited about the Muppets Collection, and Rainbow Connection caught my eye immediately. This polish is pure glitter - multicoloured, multisized glitter in a clear base. This polish looks like a party in a bottle - and it translates to a party on the nails!

The Muppets Collection is OPI's Holiday release, and it consists of 12 polishes - 6 glitters, and 6 non-glitters (they each have their own version of shimmer, none of them are cremes). For anyone who was disappointed in the originality of the Touring American Collection, you will NOT be disappointed by the Muppets. The colours are original, captivating, and fun, everything by boring.

The only downfall to Rainbow Connection is its clear base. I wish it instead had a silver or grey base, much like Mad As a Hatter. Since it does have a clear base, there are some bald spots where there isn't enough glitter to hide the entire nail. I applied 4 coats in the pictures shown in this post, and you can still see bald spots. I must say that they are much more apparent in picture than in real life. But, this didn't annoy me as much as I thought it would, the excitement of this lacquer made up for this slight problem.

Now on to the swatches!

Slighty blurry so you can't see the bald spots...

I think that Rainbow Connection will be the first to sell out of the Muppets Collection, which will reach stores November 1st, 2011. So, snatch this polish up as soon as you see it, because it might not be on shelves for long!

What are your thoughts on this polish?  Do you think another coat would have fixed the bald spots problem? Which polish from the Muppets Collection are you most looking forward to?

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review by OPI.


  1. Awesome. You cannot ever have too much glitter polish!

  2. I like the look of this but 4 coats of polish is a lot if you still have bald spots :/

  3. This is a great glitter, but it's definitely for layering. I couldn't imagine wearing this alone with all the bald spots.

  4. I'm most excited about this polish too, I love the different size glitters! I think it may be best over another color because having to do 5 or 6 coats to get opaque is such a pain!

  5. Hiya! This would look fab over Birthday Babe :) There's an award for you on my blog, Books Are My Heroine. Not just for book bloggers - just to create a better community all over the net. Check it out at!

  6. I saw all the Muppets swatched early from a blogger in Sweden - they seem to release them earlier to Scandinavian. She was horribly disappointed in all the glitters in this collection. I have to say I did like the swatch of the green glitter about the Frog of Bel Aire I think it's called. All in all the other shades (non glitters) look like a WAY better purchase than the glitters - and I was excited about Rainbow Collection from the promos from CosmoProf and the early graphics/bottle shots. Not what Burlesque was last yr by far - and I really miss the GREAT holiday collections OPI was known for not coming out anymore. I would wait all yr just for those and almost always buy all of 'em. I agree with you RC will sell out first. But it's not a Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday by far!

  7. You've a lovely blog & following you now. Follow me back if you like?

  8. I like this one! This collection looks SO awesome!

  9. That is an awesome color! Can't wait for it to be available in stores for me to check out!

  10. @Heroine Addict - Thank you so much for the blog award! :D

    @beachgal - I have the whole Muppets Collection now, so I will be sure to post pictures of the rest of the glitters as I try them out. Hopefully the other will be more opaque than this one!


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