Thursday, 27 October 2011

SpaRitual Shooting Star

Shooting Star was the first polish I have used from SpaRitual, and I was very impressed! For those of you, like myself, that don't know a lot about the company, here is some information:

About SpaRitual - Founded by lifestyle futurist Shel Pink, SpaRitual fuses a mind, body, spirit connection with healing spa traditions to create a world of Slow Beauty. Specially sourced vegan, certified organic and fair trade ingredients from around the world are used to create SpaRitual products for body, hand and lifestyle. Our natural formulations never use synthetic dyes or parabens, and our vegan Nail Elixirs and Lacquers are also free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP. SpaRitual stays on the pulse of sustainability issues to ensure our products, processes and packaging are as environmentally responsible as possible.

Our brand philosophy encourages women to understand beauty as a holistic connection to oneself and to the environment. Only by slowing down, can we allow our inner beauty to radiate outwards.

I think that their philosophy sounds great, I love that their products are vegan, organic, and fair trade, and that these products have amazing durability and pigment!

SpaRitual released a holiday collection for 2011, the 
Twinkle 4-Piece Minis Holiday Gift Set. This gift set includes 4 mini bottles of polish - Shooting Star, Break of Dawn, Solstice, and Illumination. I will be reviewing the other 3 polishes in subsequent posts. Shooting Star is the first of the four polishes to grab my attention - I love a nice purple polish!

Shooting Star is a deep purple with pink and gold micro-glitter throughout. I wore this polish for three days because I was too busy to change my polish, and I never got bored with this shade! That's really saying something from someone who routinely changes her polish daily! Shooting Star applied well - the first coat was pretty thin, but the second coat evened everything out and resulted in full opacity. I added a coat of OPI's Top Coat for added shine.

Front view of the bottle

Reverse view of the bottle

The Twinkle holiday set retails for $20 and can be purchased. You can visit SpaRitual's website for a "Find SpaRitual" app, which will give you the nearest locations to purchase their products. 

Have you tried any of SpaRituals polishes before? Does a company's philosophy and ethics influence whether or not you will purchase from them?

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for my honest review. 


  1. That is a beautiful colour!

  2. I had heard of SpaRitual but found no where to buy it until a friend who sells on eBay wrote and told me he got a # of bottles of it from his distributor. I got them for $8/bottle - good price as they are $10 each. Ended up the shades I got were 4 from the SR fall release very early as it was last July. I to have been really pleased with the polish and highly support the company's philosophy /ethics. I hope to see wider distribution of this brand as there is no where that sells it around me for hundreds of miles.


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