Thursday, 17 November 2011

Gone Gonzo!

Gone Gonzo! is a very pretty light blue glitter from OPI's Muppets Collection. Again, this polish might work a lot better as a glitter top coat, rather than a layering polish on its own. I used four coats, and you could still see my nails underneath. I might have to give up on the dream that the Muppets glitters were going to be everything that we all wanted them to be. This polish would look great over a similar blue base. I also think that Gone Gonzo! would look pretty over a creamy white polish, creating a princess look!

Gone Gonzo! looked great at night, the subtly moon lighting made the polish seem like a really nice blue grey sparkle polish. Gone Gonzo! consists of baby blue fine glitter and chunky silver glitter in a clear base. It would have been really great if the base was a light blue polish instead of the clear!

As you can see, my nail is still very visible after four thick coats! This polish was such a pain to remove. I used OPI's Expert Touch remover, which worked a lot better than my normal drug store remover, but it still took a lot of scrubbing and soaking!

What would you want to see Gone Gonzo! layered over top of? If I have the polish, I'll for sure swatch it for you :)

Disclosure: This polish was sent to me for my honest review.


  1. I am thinking of getting this one!!:3
    The removal is the only thing stopping me from getting it:p
    following you...* :3

  2. OMG! this is the perfect color for a day at the will look like ocean on my fingers! love it. gonna get it! NOW.xx

  3. This shade is really unique: the only thing I didn't like is how difficult it'd be to remove it!!!

  4. This look so pretty, I want to get my hands on all the colors from The Muppets Collection :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  5. I love this :) What a beautiful colour. Can you do an article on how you shape your nails so nicely?

  6. I had high expectations for the Muppets glitter and after seeing so many swatches for them I have to admit I'm not in love. I agree with you that this would've been a lot better if it had a blue base instead of a clear. It would definitely look great layered over another color. I like my glitters to be opaque. It still is a really pretty blue glitter though.

  7. I did not have high expectations set for this collection when Arlene, a Swedish blogger got her hands on the entire collection last Aug and was taking great photos. I knew the glitters all had that 'bald' thing going on. ended up when I played with them the pink and blue glitters seem to have the best coverage. I was not hot over the lumps in the red/neutrals part of the collection. The pieces that should have been fleck seemed to have like a plastic feel & look to them. Meep, Meep, Meep was NOT that wonderful formula that last year's Burlesque Let Me Entertain You had. I have never seen a polish that has like plastic pieces in it in place of true fleck. Not a fan really of anything in this collection and so sad because I looked for years to OPI holiday to bring me real winners!!!!

  8. Thanks for all the comments!
    @ Beachgal - I agree, The Muppets was not the collection that everyone was hoping for it to be. A lot of us had such high hopes for it, especially the glitters, and it's sad to be let down. We'll all just have to do a lot of experimenting with layering these glitters :)


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