Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Julep Catherine

While trying to decide what to paint my nails last night, I realized that I haven't used a Julep polish in quite a while! So, I looked through my stash of Juleps, and decided on Catherine. I'm donating blood today, so I was feeling like a nice blood red polish to match!

Julep Catherine is a jelly polish, meaning it applies to a super shiny finish, and also might be a bit sheer. However, I was able to build Catherine up to full opacity with only two coats, so I was really pleased! I have to admit though, that OPI has spoiled me with the pro-wide brush. Only when I use other brands of polish do I realize how amazing that pro-wide brush is! Julep's brush is slender and hard to apply with perfect precision. I ended up having to clean up around my nails.

Catherine, in my opinion, is the perfect red for my skin tone. I normally don't opt to wear reds because I find that it makes me look just off, but Catherine is different! I may have found my perfect red! :) This polish could also be used to make a candy mani since this is a jelly polish. I will have to experiment with my glitters, I would love any suggestions!

 I have to say, this polish looks much better in real life!

Also, Julep is running a contest on their Facebook page, and I would LOVE it if you voted for my entry! You can vote once per hour, so tell all of your friends! If I win I will be sharing swatches of all the polishes with you :) So everybody wins!


  1. Very pretty!! That is so wonderful that you donate blood!! :D

    (I voted for you! :D)

    1. I try to donate as much as I can!
      Thank you so much for voting! :D

  2. I have looked at swatches of Julep polishes as well as gone to their web site to look at their tube colors/descriptions. Nothing ever really hit me enough to join. Then I tried to join this month while they have their 1 cent sale for one month's box to come to you. Their web site could not process my order and I tried over 4 days to get it to work. It would tell me it was a duplicate order. I phoned. No one still to this day has got back to me via phone or email. From other tales I have heard when the company first started, seems they have a huge customer relations problem as well as getting their company set up to work as it is supposed to. Still want to get what I can for 1 cent however if I ever get through to them this month before it's all over with. I do like their hand exfoliater - not that I don't have another type of scrub that works just as well.

    1. I have also heard some customer service horror stories about Julep, but it seems as though they've gotten better recently. That sucks about your experience :( Hopefully they get back to you really soon and resolve the issues, or they will loose a willing customer!

  3. What a pretty red! I love it! Btw I found your blog and I love it. Now a follower! Check mine out too :)


  4. I love Sephora! I visited their on my last trip to USA. Unfortunately they don't have any stores here in the UK.

    Looks like you got a lot of cool stuff!

    I'm a new follower!

    Louise x


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