Thursday, 23 February 2012

February Luxe Box

I received my February Luxe Box on this past Monday, and again this month my box was shipped on the last possible day. I wonder if they do that to all year long subscribers because they can't get out of their subscriptions, unlike the people who choose to pay month to month. Just a thought! Anyways, here's what I got:

Luxe Box collaborated with Flare to create this "limited edition" box. I hate that they called it limited edition, because in it I received a product that I've received before and gave a bad review of it in my survey. I saw that other people also received duplicate samples, so I'm not sure what makes this months box exclusive or "limited".

This months box was a nice red colour, for Valentines Day.

The first product I saw was the duplicate: Mereadesso Face + Neck Toning Gel. I haven't used my first sample packet of this, so I wasn't too excited to receive it again. This product actually isn't on the product card, so I'm not sure if this was a mistake, or if they just decided to add it to my box as a last minute decision. The sample size is 7mL. Now that I have two samples I might try the product.

Next up is K-Pac Revitaluxe from Joico, "Indulge
 in the ultimate luxury treatment for dry, damaged hair. Actively repairs, restores, protects, and hydrates hair; correcting years worth of damage while preventing future damage. With each application, hair instantly becomes stronger, more moisturized, with improved elasticity. Blend of Bio-Mimetic Peptides, Keratin Amino Acids, Jojoba Oil, and Aloe Extract."
Full Size 150mL ($27)
Sample Size 50mL
I'm excited about this product, probably the only product this month that I will be excited to use.

The next product is a perfume sample: pureDKNY Verbena from DKNY. I hate receiving perfume samples, and I have said this again and again in my surveys of each months box. So, this just tells me that Luxe Box doesn't really care about who gets what in their boxes.
"The hybrid note which makes up pureDKNY Verbena, Verbena-Basil, as the species is known, is a delicate plant. Although an herb, it has a sparkling citrus, lemon-like quality. The fragrance has been crafted to accentuate the freshness of this raw material, balanced within a sophisticated light floral structure and supported with natural depth. The end result is a sparkling, wet fresh scent which personifies the pureDKNY brand."
Full size: 50mL ($80), 100mL ($105)
Sample size: 7mL
I applaud Luxe Box for finally including a perfume sample that isn't one of those cheap freebie sample sized spritzers. However, I cannot stand the scent of this fragrance, it reminds me of diluted vinegar! So, I will be passing this sample on to someone else who enjoys this scent.

The next product is the second sample from Mereadesso: Beautiful Body Balm, "A high performance, non-greasy, all over body balm, hand moisturizer and foot cream for men and women of all ages and skin types.
Beautiful Body Balm will bring out your inner glow, improve your skin's texture and enhance elasticity - leaving your body with a smooth, silky finish. The sumptuous lotion spreads easily, absorbs quickly and won't transfer onto your clothes, while the refreshing scent dissipates so as not to compete with your own signature fragrance."
Full size: 200mL ($54)
Sample size: 30mL
I think that the packaging on this product looks incredibly cheap, and that makes me not very excited to use the lotion. Presentation is important! I'm constantly applying body cream, so I'll be using this soon.

The last product in this months box is 24 Hours Glam Mascara from Lise Watier. I like that there was a higher end, well known brand included!
"Its elastic polymer formula and FlexiQueen TM brush surround each lash with a 3D waterproof film to create an infinitely glamorous look that lasts all day, and all night for an astonishing 24 smudge-free, waterproof, sweatproof, humidity proof hours.
This mascara does the work for you, so you can focus on your night out!"
Full size: 8mL
Sample size: 5mL
This is a good sized sample mascara, and should last me a while. I like the idea behind a 24 hour mascara, and I love the cute packaging!

Lastly, Luxe Box included a card with a promo code for $25 off of a $75 purchase on Dealuxe:

I don't really feel like spending that much money, just to use this promo, so this will probably not get used. 

Overall, I feel like there were other boxes out there that I would have rather received. Other subscribers got Moroccan Oil, full size China Glaze polishes, and Dermalogica products. I'm also disappointed that there weren't any full size products in my box, and that I got a repeat product, and a fragrance. Also, I was sure that there would be some sort of lipstick or chocolate included, being that this was the Valentines box and all. 

Luxe Box is $12 a month, or $110 per year (12 boxes), and is currently only available to Canadians. If you wanted to subscribe, you can use my referral link here, so I can earn free Luxe Boxes! :) 
What did you receive in your Luxe Box? Were you happy with it?


  1. Me again :) After being put on a waiting list for Top Box, I tried to subscribe to Luxe Box. There is a waiting list for thier boxes too, LOL. So, I am on a waiting list for both boxes, but I will only subscribe to one.

    Top Box are saying subscriptions will open up in March, but I guess it is on a first come first serve basis, and they send out an email notification to let you know. Apparently, last time subscriptions sold out in 15 minutes, so I am doubtful that I will be lucky enough to be able to subscribe. I am patient though, and will continue to wait it out.

    I did look into Glymm, but the reviews are not good for their boxes, so I don't think I will subscribe to them...

    I really enjoy your beauty box reviews, please continue to do them monthly :)

    1. I just heard that Luxe Box had a waiting line too! Hopefully you can subscribe to one of the boxes really soon :) Have you checked out Glossy box? It's new to Canada and I think they have subscriptions available!
      Thank you! I will continue to do them every month :) Glad you like them!

    2. I checked out Glossy Box too, but after reading the reviews for Glossy Box and Glymm, and then the reviews for Top Box and Luxe Box, I think I will wait :) However, I did subscribe to Julep Maven, as I found a code where I was able to get the first month for .01 Yes, you read that right, .01!!! Not sure if it is ok for me to share the code on your blog, so I won't, but I am really happy to try out the Maven program and also like that I can easily cancel if I'm not happy with it :)

    3. Oh let me know how you like the Maven box! I used to be subscribed but I cancelled as $20 every month was a bit expensive. They do have a lot of promo codes though. I actually shared that penny code on my blog a while ago, glad you took advantage of it, it's an amazing deal! :)

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