Monday, 19 March 2012

Bath & Body Works Rio Rumberry Review

I love Bath & Body Works - mostly their lotions, shower gels, and lip products! Oh, and how could I forget about the candles and hand soaps?! I guess I just love everything Bath & Body Works has to offer! My current shower gel and lotion duo is in the Rio Rumberry scent.

"Our exclusive Rio Rumberry is an exotic blend of tropical berries, fresh papaya and vanilla blossom" - from Bath & Body Works website.I can't really place this scent, I just know that it smells good! I really like matching my shower gel and body lotion. I normally shower at night, and then moisturize. I like applying a scented body lotion at night, and an unscented lotion in the morning, so my lotion doesn't interfere with my perfume. I used the triple moisture body creams from Bath & Body Works in the winter, but as we are getting into Spring and Summer, (it was 21 Celsius here today!), I'm needing a lighter formula. The body lotions are perfect! I'm kind of obsessive about moisturizing, I know for some people it's a chore, but I look forward to it. 

I always expect the lotion to be the shade of the bottle, but it's just white!

The shower gel lathers really well, I've been using Bath & Body Works shower lotions for a while now. I love the formula, I put a bit on my wet loofah, and I'm left with bubbles galore! The scent fills the shower, but I don't find it overpowering at all. Overall, I'm loving this scent. Really the only scent from Bath & Body Works I don't like is Japanese Cherry Blossom, I can't stand it! But all of the other scents are amazing :)

I have a lot of other scents in my stash, but at the moment I am really enjoying Rio Rumberry :) What scents do you love and recommend? 

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for my honest review. 


  1. ooh I love Bath & Body Works - this sounds great x

  2. sounds like an interesting product.. great review :)

  3. I love B&BW! Just got some new candles that I can't wait to burn. All of these tropical scents just make me so happy!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. I love their candles too! I need to pick some more up while they're still on sale :) Which scents did you get?


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