Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day from Sephora & Origins

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Sephora and Origins have teamed up to offer everyone a fantastic deal! Today only, if you brought in any empty cosmetics container, you would be given a free full-sized Origins moisturizer! I simply could not pass on this amazing deal, so I headed over to my local Sephora this morning. I brought in an empty jar of Vichy's Aqulia Thermal Fortifying and Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Concentrate:

I liked this product, but it wasn't anything amazing. I applied it before I applied my moisturizer. I probably wouldn't repurchase this product. 

In exchange, I was given a free full-sized bottle of Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea. The size is 1.7 Oz. or 50mL, which retails for $49.00 CDN. I did notice that the packaging is different than the normal jar you would buy from Sephora. But the size is the the same, and you won't hear any complaining from me! I had the choice between this moisturizer and the Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturizer with Mimosa, which is the same size but retails for $57.00 CDN.

I love this promotion! I assume Origins or Sephora will be recycling all of the empty bottles they received, which is great! Were you able to make it into a Sephora today to take advantage of this amazing deal? I think that this is available online, but not for Canadian orders.

Also - the Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette is back in stock! I've heard so many amazing things about this palette, but I missed out on it. Should I pick it up while it's back? :)


  1. I wanted to make it into Sephora to take advantage of this offer today but I worked all day long! I am glad to see others took advantage of this amazing deal though! enjoy :) looking forward to a review!

    1. Oh no! I had to zip in right before I started work today! I'm going to use up the last bit of my Clinique moisturizer before I start this but I will review it once I use it :)

  2. We didn't get to go into Sephora for this offer but glad to see someone did!! It was an awesome deal!! And yes we would totally recommend the UD 15th Anniversary palette. it's fantastic!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Oh that's a shame! It really was an amazing deal :)
      I might have to splurge on it, it looks really gorgeous!


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