Monday, 23 April 2012

Introductory GlossyBox!

I have heard so much about GlossyBox from UK bloggers and Youtubers, so I was really excited that I learnt they were making their way over to Canada! There were some issues with Canada Post, so I actually just received my February box today, but this isn't a fault to GlossyBox at all. This box might be a bit outdated, but I have had a few people asking me about various beauty boxes, so I think this post is still relevant :)

I adore the packaging of GlossyBox! The outside of the box is a pale pink, really feminine. The inside is black and stamped with the pink GlossyBox logo. The products were wrapped in black tissue paper, with little black paper folds that are in many of the beauty boxes. There product description card was in a black envelope. Unlike Luxe Box, there isn't a sticker with your name on it. This small detail didn't really bother me though. Another nice touch was the inclusion of stickers to label your GlossyBoxes!

The first product I received was from Ahava: 

"Ahava is created with the many benefits of the water, salt, mud, and botanicals from the Dead Sea. The Mineral Body Lotion contains aloe vera, natural moisturizers, and minerals that glide over your skin and wrap your body in moisture all day long."

Full Size: 100mL/$22.00
Sample Size: 20mL 
My thoughts: I love hand creams, even though I know a lot of people are getting bored of receiving them in every beauty box. I like to always have one in my purse, so this size is great.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Anti-Aging Restorative Cream:

"Helps to fight the visible effects of environmental damage and enhances skin's natural moisture."

Full Size: 50mL/$160
Sample Size: 7mL
My thoughts: I think it's fun to try out expensive products, but even if I fall in love with this cream, there's no way I'm spending $160 on it!

Elizabeth Grant Moisturizing Stick:

"Moisturizing Stick is a highly moisturizing balm that leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated. The Moisture Stick is also a great compliment to the At Last Lipstains as it will not disturb the holding properties of the color pigments."

Full Size: 5g/$12.00
Sample Size: 3.5g
My thoughts: I was really excited to receive this! I love me some lip balms, so I'm curious as to how a higher end brand will compare to my usual choices. Also, if I fall in love with this product, $12.00 isn't an insane price.

Essie Neo Whimsical:

"Essie's Neo Whimsical: flaunt your classic taste with this unique blue-based, rose-plum hue. An Essie favourite!"

Full Size: 13.8mL/$9.99
Sample Size: Full Size product! 
My thoughts: You all know I love nail polish, but Essie isn't a brand that I normally buy. I actually only own two Essie's, so I'm excited to try out another shade! I'm hoping that this colour isn't sheer. 

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love Body Lotion: 

"Oscar de la Renta Live in Love Body Lotion is like a silky veil and compliments the Eau de Parfum that launched in Fall 2011. Its green floral scent will make an woman feel sensual and divine."

Full Size: 200mL/$54.00
Sample Size: 50mL
My thoughts: I think that this is a generous sized sample, perfect for keeping in your purse! The scent is nice, I'm not blown away with it, but I do like it.

And finally, a little extra surprise! Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist & Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

Mist: "Removes bacteria and germs on powder-based products: eyeshadows, blushers, pressed powder, bronzers; cream-based products: compact foundation, concealers, cream blush/eyeshadows"

Wipes: "The convenient cosmetic sanitizer wipes are effective for sanitizing makeup that accumulates visible debris like dust, lint and food particles. They remove bacteria in 10 seconds - even from clumpy mascara wands!"

Full Size: 48 Pack Wipes/$12.50 & 125mL Mist/$15.99
Sample Size: 4 Wipes and 8mL Mist

My thoughts: These are such a smart idea! I can't wait to see how easy these are to use. 

And finally: My kitten loved the box! He's a little too big to fit inside of it, but he was determined to try anyway!

Overall, I loved my first GlossyBox! Luxe Box has been really disappointing me lately, so I think that once my one year subscription is up in August I will cancel it. GlossyBox is $15/month, which includes tax and shipping costs. If you used the promo code GLOSSY4, you will receive 10% off of your first box! For more info on the program, you can visit their website here:

If you would like me to do a full review on any of the products I received, please let me know in the comments! Which beauty boxes do you subscribe to?

Disclosure: This box was sent to me for my honest review. 


  1. Wow, you're lucky to get an Essie polish!

    I currently subscribe to all 5 (julep maven being the 5th) and Glossy has been holding it's own with me. Glymm has been really disappointing as of late. :( (BeautyandtheGamer)

    1. GlossyBox and Topbox are my current top picks :) I don't receive Glymm, but most of the reviews I've read about it don't impress me either!

  2. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

    1. Aw thank you :)
      I will visit your blog, thanks for the comment!


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