Monday, 23 July 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyelashes #27 Laura

I've wanted to try out false lashes for quite some time, but I've always chickened out! I've always thought that they would feel heavy, look too fake, or removal would be painful. So, when the lovely ladies from MAKE UP FOR EVER sent me a pair of their false lashes, I was really excited, but nervous, to try them out! As I've mentioned before, I don't like that MUFE uses numbers to name their products, I would much prefer fun names. But Sephora does give MUFE's products names, and these eye lashes were named Laura, which is my name!

These lashes are quite thick, and in my opinion they are better suited for a night out, rather than for everyday wear. On Sephora's site they are described as "dense black flutters - slightly flared." I think that this describes them perfectly!

To apply these lashes, I used the glue included with the lashes. I love this glue because it is slightly coloured, like an iridescent blue, so you see where you've applied it on the lashes. I lined the lashes with the glue, and then applied them to my lash line. You have about 15 seconds before the glue hardens, so if you apply them and aren't happy with the position, you can easily remove them. If you do remove them, apply another layer of glue, then try again. It took me a few tries on one of the lashes since it was my first time using them. Even though the glue is slightly coloured, as soon as it dries it becomes completely invisible.

I absolutely loved this look! I decided not to apply mascara to my real lashes, since I was already happy with the effect, and I didn't want it to be overdone. These lashes did feel a bit heavy, but not unbearable, and after about 15 minutes I couldn't feel them anymore! They stayed on all night long, which really impressed me! At the end of the night, they were easily removed, by gently pulling at one edge. I then removed any leftover glue with some eye makeup remover.

I love these lashes, and I'm wanting try more styles from MUFE, they have a huge variety! I'm really liking #22 Gianna, #108 Allison, #113 Betsey, and #149 Ellen. Check out all of their options, they have some really beautiful lashes! A pair of these lashes costs $17.00 CDN, which is a bit expensive, but I think it's a nice option for special nights out or events.

Have you tried any false lashes before? Which ones do you recommend? :)

Disclosure: These lashes were sent to me for my honest review.


  1. I've always been scared of false lashes too...I don't know why. I guess I'm always scared that they'll look fake on me even though they always look amazing once they're on! For the price of the MUFE ones, I'm glad you can re-use them!

    1. You should try them! They really aren't anything to be scared of :)
      I agree, it's great that they are reusable, makes the price seem more reasonable that way!

  2. These look great on you!! I really need to bite the bullet and start wearing lashes!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Thanks! You should, I loved wearing these :)


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