Sunday, 26 August 2012


I've been craving a gold polish for a couple of days, and there's no better way to fix that craving than OPI's Glitzerland! Summer is coming to an end and I feel like gold is such a pretty shade to wear in the warmer months. I love the way gold polish glimmers in the sunlight!

OPI's Glitzerland is a gold foil polish that is opaque in three thin coats. I love this polish as it's a nice change from chunky glitter, but it's still shiny and beautiful. This gold colour is definitely yellow based, but still a true gold. The formula of this polish is great, although you do need three coats, it's definitely worth it. The finish isn't gritty at all, rather it's a very smooth, shiny surface.

This colour looks amazing when you're out in the summer sun, when you can really see the true beauty of this polish. This colour also looks great worn on the toes as a pedicure. I feel like this polish is a work appropriate colour, since it isn't over the top or glittery. Glitzerland is a great alternative to a neutral or pink polish to wear to work! 

So, what do you think about OPI's Glitzerland? Do you have a favourite shade to wear in the summertime?


  1. I bought this shade last week here in the UK. I love it. I used pink nail envy as a base as I thought it helped the colour a bit. X

    1. I used OPI's Nail Envy Maintenance which is in the green bottle :) I've never tried the pink one before!

  2. very pretty shade :) x


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