Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chicago Champagne Toast

OPI's Chicago Champagne Toast was one of my very first OPI polishes, so I've had this bottle for a while. It's one of those polishes that I never think to wear, but every time I use it I fall in love all over again!

Chicago Champagne Toast is a beautiful frosty shade, a pink with brown undertones and silver frost. At least two coats are needed for this polish, and I always make sure to add a top coat. Since this polish is a frost, you might be getting some visible brush stroke marks. Take your time with application, and let the polish dry in-between coats, and you will minimize your risk of brush strokes.

This polish is very classy and girly, and I think that it would compliment all skin tones. This colour can also match any outfit, since it is subtle and slightly neutral. Some people might find a shade like this a bit boring, but I quite like my neutral polishes! Chicago Champagne Toast is more exciting than a standard muted pink or beige. 

Chicago Champagne Toast is an easy way to transition into Fall and Winter colours, since it isn't dark and vampy, but it is still a bit darker and warmer. I'm really glad I rediscovered this gem in my collection, it's been much too long since I've warn this shade!

Have you tried OPI's Chicago Champagne Toast? What polishes do you own that you don't give enough credit to? Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. This is such a pretty color!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Frost and pearls are supposed to be huge next yr...I have seen 2 TV shows of late that featured a lot of the designer shows that all were sporting peal/frost nails in neutral (including pinky mauve shades. Pinky mauve is already starting to make a come back and I for one am thrilled. I always like it but was put off by so many saying it was a grandma color. Now we saw Essie's YoGogo collection and Marathin was the first to sell out on almost every display I saw! I am rocking some of the mauves that came out this past yr that were sleepers now that it's fall (or transition season for me as it's hot, hot and I cannot wear deep vampy shades yet). Out came Madison Ave by China Glaze - love it - I have Nantucket Mist from OPI that is discontinued and soooo sought after if you can find it...So Chicago Toast is coming out of my stash here soon...despite I am not huge on frosts...I will do a coat of Madison Ave and a top of Chicago Toast and see what I get. Not so Boara, Boring Mauve (OPI) is one I am going to dig out again here too - it's a great duochrome before anyone really called 'em duochromes - really it's a multi-chrome.

    1. Well glad to know I'm on trend! I don't think pinky mauves are grandma colours at all, they are just elegant and pretty without being in your face, nothing wrong with that at all! I need to shop my stash to see what other shades I have forgotten about over the hot summer months. Let me know how you like the combination of Madison Ave and CCT! :)


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