Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September Jewelry Wishlist

I've been on a real jewelry kick lately, here's what's been on my radar lately :)

Michael Kors Rose Golden Fireball Earrings - link - $75.00 CDN -

I've been loving rose gold lately, and I think that these would go beautifully with the rose gold Michael Kors watch that I recently purchased!

Pandora Leopard Print Silver Charm with Brown Murano Glass - Link -  $40 CDN 

My boyfriend recently gave me the zebra print charm that I've been wanting, and I've been loving how it looks on my bracelet! I'm wanting to add a few more colourful beads to my bracelet, and this one is number one on my list! 

Fossil Stella Mini Resin Watch - Pearlized White with Rose - $95 CDN - Link

Fossil Stella Mini Stainless Steel Watch - Brown and Rose - $125 - Link

I know, I know, I don't need another watch! But this is a wishlist, not a shopping list, so let a girl dream! :) I love both of these watches from Fossil, and I love that they are more affordable than some other watches.

Kate Spade Crystal Chips Long Dangle Earrings - Link - $98 CDN

These earrings are so cute! I love Kate Spade's quirky style, and I want to add something of her's to my collection :) 

Tiffany & Co. Notes I Love You Ring - Link - $140 CDN - 
I think that this ring is so, so adorable, and I would love to own it! I still don't own anything from Tiffany's, but I'm hoping this will change soon :) The thing is, I have really small fingers, so it's hard to find rings that fit me. I would have to go to a store to see if Tiffany rings would work for my tiny hands!

So these are all of the beautiful pieces that I've been craving lately! Let me know what jewelry you've had your eyes on, and what designers I should be looking at :)


  1. The Michael kors earings are stunning :)

  2. Love all of your picks! The MK earrings are so cute!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Those earrings are gorgeous! I've never seen them with rose gold before, love it

    1. I love them in the rose gold, I'm really on a rose gold kick right now! I've never really liked gold, I've always preferred silver, but rose gold is such a nice twist!

  4. The Tiffany's ring is cute! What size fingers do you have? I am small too (2.25) so there are NEVER any rings in my size nor have I met an adult with the same size hands! As far as I know, the Tiffany's stock standard is around a 5 - 6.5...

    1. Oh wow, 2.25 is tiny! That must me impossible to find rings! I'm about a 4, which still makes ring shopping pretty hard!

  5. oh my goodness so much gorgeousness!! I LOVE the watches and the Michael Kors earrings x

  6. I love those earrings and they're well-priced!

    1. I might cave on them soon! They are just too pretty!


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