Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hello Kitty Gold Bow Mirror Necklace

It seems as though a few companies have been releases mirrored items as a part of their collections. I really like this idea, as it adds some variety to an otherwise standard make up collection. Hello Kitty's Gold Bow Mirror Necklace* is something a bit different, as it combines a mirror with jewelry.

Hello Kitty's Gold Bow Mirror Necklace features a golden key pendant on a gold link chain. The bow at the top of the key opens up to be a mirror. One of the mirrors is magnified, and the other is just normal. Sephora recommends using this mirror for on the go touch ups, but I find that this mirror is just too small to be of any practical use. I would say that this necklace/mirror combo to be used as a fashion and jewelry piece, rather than a functional mirror.

This will set you back $22 CAD, so I'd say that this is for the die hard Hello Kitty fans only. I could also see younger girls really loving this as costume jewelry, so this might make a great stocking stuffer! The design is really cute, and most Hello Kitty items do go on sale eventually at Sephora. 

Will you be picking this up for yourself or for a gift? :)

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