Tuesday, 23 October 2012

OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil

So I recently ran out of my tub of Lush's Lemony Flutter, which I absolutely adore. I apply Lemony Flutter all the time, multiple times per day. So, when that ran out, I was in dire need of a new cuticle product. I almost did run out to Lush to buy another tub of Lemony Flutter, but I remembered that I had a few items in my stash that needed some love and attention!

OPI's Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil* comes in either a little glass bottle with dropper, or a larger size nail polish bottle with brush. I have the glass bottle with dropper, and I find application really easy. This is such a light formula, with a light scent, that kind of reminds me of avocado, since there is avocado oil in this formula. This oil almost feels like a dry oil, since it does absorb into the skin so quickly.

You really only need a tiny amount this product, a little goes a very long way. I find that I only need half of the dropper to cover all ten of my nails. I then rub in the oil, and apply a hand cream. I really like how quickly this absorbs, since Lemony Flutter does take quite a while to soak in, and can feel a bit greasy. 

I do love this oil, but the only disadvantage is the container. This is great for keeping at home, but it isn't really travel friendly. Being a liquid product, I'm always scared that this would leak into my purse.    But, you can't win them all. I do feel like this oil does a great job and keeping my nails and cuticles in great condition. My nail beds look healthy and calm, and I'm hoping that they stay this way even into the cold winter months. With drier and colder weather, I get really dry and chapped hands. I'm really trying to apply a lot of hand cream, especially each time after I wash my hands. Hopefully this will help me out this coming winter! :)

If you're in the market for a new cuticle oil, I would highly recommend this one. I love the light formula, it absorbs very quickly, and is very moisturizing. This oil is also great for any other rough or dry areas, such as elbows and heels. You can find OPI products at salons and spas.

What are your favourite cuticle balms, oils, creams, etc? I would love any recommendations that you have! :)


  1. I use a cuticle oil pen from The Body Shop. It's cool because I can travel with it.I think other brands make similar ones too. It's really convenient and it's made with almond oil that smells really awesome.
    Thanks for your review!It reminded me to re-apply some cuticle oil, lol :P

    1. I have a cuticle oil pen from Sephora that I can take on the go :) I haven't tried The Body Shop one, I'll have to check it out, it sounds amazing! :)
      Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

  2. I like this one too (along with my fav Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil...but this OPI one comes in a purse/travel friendly plastic tube with a brush on one end and a cap that does not come off in your purse - it twists on tightly and the plastic tube you squeeze lightly to get the flow out of the brush.It's called Aveoplex Cutical Oil To Go. Do look for it - I love when I am not going to be going into an appt and have to wait 20 mins and also on a long drive to do my nails with oil - you need the pen form of this.

    1. I do need to try out the pen version of this, it sounds amazing! I love the idea of a tube for on the go :)


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