Friday, 26 October 2012

Sephora by OPI I Think I Cayenne

Today I have another Sephora by OPI polish to share with you from the Tinsel Town Collector's Set*, I Think I Cayenne. I thought I'd give this polish a try, since it is almost Halloween. Orange polish isn't normally my favourite, but I do keep giving it a chance or two.

I Think I Cayenne is a metallic orange with red undertones. I wouldn't say that this is at all a classic Halloween pumpkin orange, but really any oranges are acceptable during Halloween. This polish applied in just two coats, but I did find application a bit messy and the formula a bit thick.

I can't lie, this isn't my ideal polish colour. But, this is just personal preference, as I know a lot of people do like this type of shade. It just happens that oranges and I don't generally get on that well. 

I do however tend to like some orange polishes as pedicure colours, such as OPI's Are We There Yet? and Melon of Troy. I think what I'm mostly not loving about Sephora by OPI's I Think I Cayenne is the metallic finish. I personally think that it cheapens the polish.

Are you a fan of orange polishes? There are a few that I like, but generally speaking it's not a colour that I normally gravitate towards. What do you think about I Think I Cayenne?


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