Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sephora Creamy Body Wash Caps

Sephora has recently released a new line of Creamy Body Wash, and they have also come out with mini caps* to try out the scents. I have three of the scents to share with you, Lemon Verbena, Lagoon, and Cotton Flower.

I love the bright colours of this new collection! Each cap contains 7.9 mL and costs $1.00. This is a nice way to try out the different scents, and the new formula before buying the full size. These are also a great idea for travelling!

My favourite of the three was definitely Lemon Verbena, it's so citrusy and invigorating. This would be a great scent for anyone who showers in the morning, as it would definitely wake you up! This would be a great summertime scent. Lagoon was also really nice, but it wasn't as highly scented as Lemon Verbena. I can't quite place the scent of Lagoon, it's very light and fresh, but also a bit powdery. Cotton Flower smells really nice and light, like freshly washed laundry! If you don't like an overpowering scent, Cotton Flower might work for you. 

The formula of these were creamy, but I did find them a bit liquidy. These were moisturizing in the shower, but I didn't notice any lasting effects. This new collection reminds me of Philosophy's 3 in 1's, which I much prefer. I would have liked to see the Sephora brand to have a bit more of a scent to them, as only Lemon Verbena really packed a punch. There are a lot more scents in the range though, such as Coconut, Vanilla, Toffee, Chocolate, Blueberry, and Mango.

I like the idea of these for travelling, as they are small and compact. These are also great items for those who are off by dollar or two to qualify for free shipping from Sephora! Have you tried out this new line? Which scents do you recommend? :)


  1. These look great and I would absolutely love to try all those scents, specially chocolate and mango... Will give them a try next time I go to the US!!


    1. I agree, chocolate & mango sound delicious :)


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