Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray

Today I have a product to share with you that I've been loving this past Summer! I'm almost done my bottle, so it's about time I feature it on the blog :)

A lot of you have probably heard of Urban Decay's makeup setting sprays (De Slick, All Nighter, etc.), but these sprays are actually made my Skindinavia. Skindinavia also makes their own brand of makeup setting sprays, and I believe that there are very few differences, if any, between their brand, and Urban Decay's.

I have the No More Shine Makeup Finish for oily skin types formula. I don't particularly have oily skin, but I figured that this formula might do the best job at keeping makeup in place and shine away. To apply, I first shake the bottle, then mist onto my face. You can apply this before and after makeup, or just after. I normally choose to just apply this after my makeup has set, as this works just as well for me. I use about 4-5 pumps to cover my entire face. Also, I tend to apply this before applying my mascara and liquid liner, so that they don't budge or smear.

This formula is paraben-free, which is always great! I find that when wearing this spray, my makeup really does stay looking great all day long. I especially loved this in the hot summer months. My bottle is almost empty, but I'm not sure if I will be repurchasing this just yet. I might just wait until next summer to get another bottle. The Skindinavia 4 oz bottle is $29, while Urban Decay's 4 oz bottles are $35 CAD. Skindinavia's site has free shipping on international orders over $40. 

If you often find yourself reapplying your makeup throughout the day, or battling shine, I would highly suggest this makeup setting spray! Let me know if you have tried this one, or any other setting sprays. I would love any recommendations that you have. :)

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