Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm

I love the lip balms from The Body Shop, the ones in the little tubs. I stocked up on a bunch a while ago during a sale, and I've been making my way through them. I recently finished off the Coconut one, which I absolutely love. The next one I decided to try out is the Satsuma Shimmer scent. I adore this scent, but I've never used the Born Lippy Lip Balm before. Here's my review of the Satsuma Body Butter - link.

If you like citrusy scents, then I'm sure you would enjoy the Satsuma line. It's one of my favourite scents from The Body Shop! This lip balm does have really fine shimmers in it, which I quite like. One thing I don't really like about this balm is that it can give a slightly orange tint. I thought that this would go on clear, like the other Born Lippy balms from The Body Shop that I've used. However, I only use this balm at home, so the slightly orange tint isn't a huge deal. I only use these at home because they are potted, and I don't like to use them on the go for the sake of cleanliness. 

I tend to use only one of these lip balms at a time, or else I would never, ever finish any of them. These balms contain 9 grams of product, which is quite a lot for a lip balm. I do find that I have to reapply quite often, because the wearing power of this one isn't the greatest. This won't withstand eating or drinking, but most balms won't anyways. 

I like the texture of this balm, it almost feels like a gloss and gives a shiny appearance, but it's moisturizing like a balm. These often go on special for 2 for $10, so I would recommend trying one of these out the next time they are on sale! Have you tried any of the Born Lippy balms from The Body Shop? Which ones are your favourite? I quite like the Watermelon one :)


  1. The watermelon is one of my faves, I haven't used it in years, I have always loved the satsuma scent :)

    1. I think I might start using the watermelon one once I finish this one! I really love that one! :)

  2. This sounds like one I would love! I do really love that scent!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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