Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bath & Body Works Hand Soap Haul

I absolutely adore these hand soaps from Bath & Body Works, and I know I'm not the only one! A lot of people love these soaps, and use them exclusively, but I don't see too many people talking about them in the blogging world. I picked up a few 2 weeks ago, since they were on special for 6 for $25 CAD, plus an additional 20% off, plus 10% for SPC (Student Price Card). I couldn't pass up that kind of deal, so here are the 6 scents that I got!

Winter Spice & Vanilla Gentle Foaming Hand Soap - I actually included this one in my October Favourites post, that's how much I love it! "A festive blend of vanilla spice, caramel and vanilla cream" - this is such a delicious scent! It's a really nice change from the typical vanilla scent. My bottle is about half empty, I wish I would have bought a few more bottles in this scent!

Winter Cranberry - "A crisp blend of red apple, black currant and sparkling cranberry" - I'm not normally a cranberry lover, but I love this scent! I can detect the apple notes, which makes this a really nice, light scent.

Iced Gingerbread - "A holiday dream of warm gingerbread topped with sugar and cinnamon cream" - This soap smells exactly like a ginger bread house! I'm loving all of the winter, festive scents :)

I decided to get three festive scents, and three more fruity, fresh scents!

Fresh Picked Pears Moisturizing Hand Soap: "Lightly scented with the unforgettable scent of ripe, juicy Bartlett pears". This one smells sooo good! Really summery, which I know is out of season right now, but sometimes you just need to be reminded of summer :)

Peach Bellini Deep Cleansing Hand Soap: "A mouthwatering blend of juicy peach, white apricot and fresh mango". This one smells quite citrusy, I imagine that this would really wake you up in the morning! I wonder if they make a body wash in this scent...

Cucumber Melon: "Lightly scented with the fresh, juicy fragrance of cucumber and honeydew". I'm a sucker for anything melon scented, and when it's combined with cucumber, it's one of my all time favourite scents!

I picked up at least one of each type of soap: foaming, deep cleansing, and moisturizing. I've only started using Winter Spice & Vanilla so far, and I adore it! Have you tried these soaps before?


  1. You're right! My family all love these soaps and always ask me to pick them up for them whenever I get the chance. I wish we had Bath and Bodyworks in the UK!

    Chelle x

    1. They are by far my favourite! Oh no that sucks :( Hopefully soon!

  2. Winter Spice and Vanilla sounds like such an amazing scent! I hope this brand comes across the pond to Ireland soon xxx

    1. It's amazing! Bath & Body Works definitely needs to become more international! :)

  3. I really love your blog! This post (including all you others) are done so beautifully It would mean the world to me if you would ever check out, maybe even follow or comment on my blog! Keep up the good work!

  4. Some good choices here! I have had quite a few of these

    I need to go stock up on some holiday scents soon :)

    1. Yes you do! Their holiday scents are amazing :)


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