Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette - Wild Thing

Hello Kitty has released a few fun animal print inspired palettes and accessories lately, and today I have their Say Hello - Wild Thing Palette* to share with you!

I'm not normally a fan of Hello Kitty's packaging, but I do find this palette quite cute! I'm not sure if this is a cheetah or giraffe print, but I like it! Now, the product on the inside is another story... This palette contains two rows, the top compartment holds 4 eye shadows, and the bottom compartment holds a blush and bronzer.

What it is:
A two-tier palette dressed with an exotic animal print and packed with striking formulas for eyes and cheeks.

What it does:
Hello Kitty proves she is anything but tame with this wild collection of fierce favorites. The four ultra-silky shadows glide on effortlessly, providing a rich coat of color that blends and layers for a perfectly soft, stunning eye. The bronzer and blush formulas will illuminate cheeks with just the right amount of rosy glow. Carry this purse-friendly palette everywhere and let your wild side roar.

This set contains:
- 4 x 0.07 oz eye shadow
- 0.16 oz blush
- 0.16 oz bronzer

I unfortunately found the product to be quite sheer and powdery. The shadows were all very shimmery and sheer, and I didn't find that they could be built up in intensity. 

I do think that the eye shadows are really pretty colours, they are just so sheer that they aren't practical. The above swatches are already fairly heavy swatches, and you can barely see some of the shades. The only shadow that I would try to work with is the bronze shade in the bottom right corner. However, I already have a few bronze shades that I love, with a better formula and colour pay off. 

The bottom tier contains a "blush and bronzer", although I would consider them both as highlighters. Again, I found these both to be very sheer, I had a really hard time getting them to show up in photos. 

If you look closely, you can see the blush on the left, and the bronzer on the right. I would never use either of these as blush or bronzer, because I have other ones that do the job much better. I think that using these on just about anyone's skin tone, but especially deeper tones, would result in a chalky finish. 

This palette retails for $43 CAD, and I definitely think that you can buy better makeup for this price! But, knowing the Hello Kitty brand, this palette will most likely go on sale at Sephora sooner or later. In fact, their Head of the Class Compact Mirror* is now on sale for $10 at Sephora!

Have you tried out any makeup from Hello Kitty? Have you been impressed, or disappointed like me? While the packaging is cute, the products will go unused by myself. Unless you're a Hello Kitty collector, I would pass on this palette.


  1. That is so adorable. I'd end up buying it just for the packaging even if the product isn't so good...I'm terrible like that.

    1. Aha well this would be great for collector's! At least it looks pretty on your vanity :)

  2. oh no, the colors look so pretty in the pot, too bad about the quality. I haven't heard a lot of people reviewing or buying Hello Kitty so thanks for the swatches. So..are you going to return it or have you found a way to make it work

    Pretty Squared

    1. I know, the colours look really nice in the pan, but unfortunately they are really sheer :(
      Since this was a PR sample I can't return it, instead I passed it on to a younger cousin who is just getting into make up :)

  3. The bottom part are eye shadows, not a blush or bronzer. If you read the box, it say they are all eye shadows, sorry thought I would let you know

    1. Yes, I saw that. However, on the Sephora site and in the press releases these were called "blush and bronzers"! :)


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