Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lush Roots

Lush has recently released a few new haircare items into their range, which I was really excited about! I have been using Lush's Ultimate Shine solid shampoo bar and R&B in my hair care routine for a while now, and I really enjoy both products. I know a lot of people skip over Lush's hair care offerings, and focus on their bath & body products. I highly recommend trying out some of the hair line, I'm sure there's something for everyone :)


One area of Lush hair care that I haven't ventured into yet is their hair treatments. Roots* is treatment aimed at anyone with fine and thin hair, but I believe that anyone could benefit from it. I have insanely think, long, dry hair. The colder weather has made my hair even drier, so I've been searching for a product to add a bit of moisture. Let me tell you, Roots might just be my new favourite product!


"Apply generously to the scalp first, gently massaging. Then coat dry hair, leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, and shampoo out. Use about a quarter of a pot for short hair, or about half a pot for longer hair."

I wouldn't listen to Lush here, as I have quite long and thick hair, and I only had to use a handful or two of product. I think that using half a pot would just be wasteful. You can easily judge how much product your hair needs. I started at my scalp, and massaged in. I then added product to my ends, and everywhere in between. I decided to just relax for 20 minutes, and I applied a face mask as well (Caudalie's Moisturizing Cream Mask). I would recommend using this on a night when you feel like pampering yourself, and you have a little extra time. 


When Roots is on your hair, you can't tell that anything is happening. The products feels almost a bit sticky, but nothing uncomfortable. Then, when you rinse this out, you can instantly tell that it's worked. My hair felt the softest that it's ever felt. I've tried deep conditioners and oil treatments before, and I've had okay results, but nothing like this! I shampooed this out with my Ultimate Shine solid shampoo bar, also from Lush. I followed up with a conditioner, but it really wasn't necessary. There is a strong peppermint scent to Roots, which is something that I really loved, but I can see how some people wouldn't be fond of this. This scent does linger on your hair for about a day. 

My hair had life, shine, softness! I was really amazed by this product. Now I'm wanting to try out all of Lush's hair treatments! I plan on using this once every other week or so, or whenever my hair needs a little extra TLC. This pot contains 8.4 oz and costs $19.95, which I think is quite reasonable. 

Have you tried any of Lush's hair treatments? Which ones do you recommend? :)

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  1. This sounds wonderful.. Ill definitely have to try it.. Thanks for the review :)

    1. I used it again last night, it's a great product!
      Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  2. I really want to try this but it's a bit pricey. How many uses do you think you'll get out of it?

    1. I would say I can get a good 10 uses out of this jar! Lush recommends using about half the tub, but I find that way too much product. I just coat my roots and run some through the rest of my hair :)

    2. It's still a little pricey with 10 uses. It would definitely be a splurge item if I get it!

    3. It would make a great Christmas or birthday gift! :)

  3. I've used this one and I love it! So hydrating :)


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