Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bath & Body Works Tiki Beach Candle

Bath & Body Works just released a new Tropical Collection, which really excites me since that means Winter is on its' way out! I love tropical, fruity scents, so I was quite excited by their new candle range. Today I wanted to share with you a candle that I've really been loving recently, Tiki Beach.

I've been burning the small size of the Tiki Beach candle, and I have been loving this scent! To me, Tiki Beach smells like a pina colada. If you're a fan of vanilla and coconut, you would love this candle. I've actually never used anything but the large 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works, so I didn't know how the smaller size would burn. I was quite surprised, the small candle still burns evenly and fills my entire room with the scent.


I really like Tiki Beach because while the candle is a beautiful scent, it isn't too strong. I like candles to fill up my room with a scent, but not for it to be sickening. If you're like me, and absolutely hate Winter, this is the candle for you. I find myself daydreaming about Summer, being on the beach, not having to wear 10 layers to stay warm, wearing flip flops... Tiki Beach smells like Summer to me! If you can't go South, bring that atmosphere into your home.

Have you checked out Bath & Body Works' new Tropical scents? I have my eye on Bahama Fizz, Island Margarita, Pink Sangria, and Coconut Leaves. If you have any scent recommendations, please let me know! :)

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