Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nail Polish Favourites 2012

Today I'll share my top polish picks from 2012! I've had a lot of polish favourites this past year, but I'll try to keep the list short, and only include polishes that I've worn many times.

1. OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard* - reviewed here 

I've worn this polish countless times over the past year. I love the duochrome effect, and the formula is amazing.

2. Nicole by OPI All is Glam, All is Bright* - reviewed here 

I was blown away by this glitter polish, it's just beautiful! I was really surprised by how opaque this polish was, I had no bald spots!

3. OPI My Private Jet - reviewed here

This is more of an all time favourite polish, but I really did wear it a lot in 2012. My Private Jet is a beautiful deep brown/black with almost holographic micro-shimmers.

4. OPI Come to Poppy - reviewed here

This polish was a 2011 release, but I've been wearing it a ton ever since I bought it back then. I love this pearly pink with a frosted finish. 

5. OPI Thanks a Windmillion* - reviewed here

This polish was released with OPI's Holland Collection, which I was quite a fan of. I love this teal, almost dusty pale green shade. The formula is great on this polish, and I think you can wear it year round!

6. OPI Road House Blues* - Reviewed here 

This polish was released in OPI's Touring America collection in 2011, but it's another polish that I still wear quite often. I love this rich deep navy, and it never leans black. 

7. OPI Glitzerland - reviewed here

I wore this shade a lot in the summer months. I love the formula and I think that this gold polish shines beautifully in the bright summer sun!

8. OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest* - reviewed here

This polish was released as a part of OPI's Germany Collection, and I instantly fell in love with this shade! It's perfect for both the Fall and Winter months, and I really need to pull it out to wear again soon!

9. ImPress Press-On Manicure in Big Flirt* - reviewed here

This past year I fell in love with the Broadway Nails ImPress Press-On Manicures! I find these so easy to apply, and each time I've worn them they've stayed on for at least 8 days! I have a few other colours and designs to play around with, which I've very excited about! These are by far my favourite press on nails. 

10. Sephora by OPI It's My Pink* - reviewed here

This polish was a Betsy Johnson exclusive shade, and it was even scented with one of her fragrances! I really love hot, magenta pinks like this one, and the formula for this polish was great. 

So there are my top 10 polish picks from 2012! I can't wait to try out a bunch of new polishes in 2013, and share my opinions on all of them with you :) What were your top polishes for this past year? Leave me a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts! 


  1. Great post! OPI is my favorite brand!! I have 4 of your faves!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Similar to your #2 here - I found the same composition formulation NOPI used in their exclusive to Target fall releases of Good As Gold (that really is a green in my book) and Busta Mava. I did not buy the All Is Glam, All is Bright because the coloration looked a bit odd on my skin tone, but I did play with it - it was more red/white/blue - or maybe red/silver/blue version of Busta Mava that was mauve, teal and a pewter shade. This formulation does look like glitter but it's particles of colors that don't mix into the formula. It's a really cool technique that I have only seen this past yr done. I hope we continue to see more of it. It's like the best parts of FLOAM only not the down sides of glitter. I am a big OPI fan. My stash goes way back to days before 88 when OPI came on the market. We were wearing a lot of acrylics in the 80's and the big professional brands were CND and China Glaze as well. I think the oldest OPI I still have (wish I had kept most all of 'em just for a collector's sake) is from either 89 or 90. You have some good picks that made your list - I love that folks will blog about older polishes and not just only look at the ones that came out in the very recent past. I think when you have a huge collection, you need to learn to love it and use it vs. always adding on often the same hues that you already have. I love Glitzerland and Come To Poppy - as a matter of fact, I love that entire collection that Poppy is from - there is a really pale white/pink that is just a beauty from that collection - it also has a glass fleck topper in that collection that is stunning - I Lilly Love you is the fleck topper, OPI Play The Peonies is the white or oyster pink shade I adore...and the other one in that collection that is stunning is Be A Dahlia, Won't You? I think last I saw all were available on the secondary market. I would have liked to have seen at least a few of those make it into the classic OPI collection. I never could wear the press ons you have on your list here. I think they are too curved to fit right on some of my flatter nail beds. I had them always popping off. They were easier however on my nails than the old Press ON Nails I had tried in the past that the glue just did my nails in.

    1. The Nice Stems Collection was amazing, I loved every polish from it too! I haven't seen them around anywhere lately though. It would have been really nice some of them made it into the permanent range.
      Instead of press on nails, do you ever try nail stickers? There are some good ones from OPI or Sephora by OPI with cool colours and designs :)


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