Monday, 7 January 2013

OPI Anti-Bleak & Pink Yet Lavender

I recently reviewed OPI's Anti-Bleak*, which you can view here, but I decided to add on a glitter top coat to spice things up! I really love adding glitter polishes over top of cremes, even if it's just on an accent nail. I'm a huge fan of glitter, so I decided to add Pink Yet Lavender* over top of all of my nails.

Pink Yet Lavender is from OPI's Mariah Carey Collection, and I'm totally in love with it! This is a beautiful mix of small circular pink glitter pieces, and smaller almost holographic silver glitter pieces.  The glitter is held in a clear polish, so I would recommend layering this over another polish. Otherwise you would definitely be able to see your nails through the glitter, even with multiple coats.


I think that Pink Yet Lavender pairs beautifully overtop of Anti-Bleak, but that it would also look gorgeous layered over other pinks, purples, and maybe even navy polishes! I definitely need to do some experimenting with this polish. I only used one coat of Pink Yet Lavender, and you can see that the glitter is already pretty dense. I'm sure you could build up the coverage with this polish, but I liked the look I achieved with just the one coat.

No flash

Do you like experimenting with glitter polishes? I normally like to wear a creme shade for a day or two, and then add a glitter polish over top to make things seem new and fun! :) Will you be picking up Pink Yet Lavender from the new Mariah Carey Collection? Leave me a comment below, or tweet me @opiaddict!


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