Friday, 18 January 2013

OPI What Wizardry Is This?

Today I have the first polish from OPI's upcoming Oz Collection, What Wizardry Is This?* to share with you!  This is the only Liquid Sand polish in this collection, and it was the one that first caught my attention. The Oz Collection will be released in March 2013, but I have a sneak peak for you today!

What Wizardry Is This? is a gorgeous brown shade with golden shimmer, with a matte finish. The liquid sand formula creates a texturized finish to your nails. I think that What Wizardry Is This? is a beautiful shade, and that a lot of people will like it. This golden shimmer in this shade really compliments the deep brown base. I used two coats, and was left with a fully opaque finish. With the liquid sand polishes, OPI recommends skipping the top coat to keep the matte finish. I've used a top coat with these polishes before, and I actually enjoy the glossy shine.


I've found that the liquid sand polishes have good staying power, especially since you skip the top coat with these polishes. I can wear this formula for about 4-5 days without having any chips, which I'm really happy with! The Oz Collection is OPI's SoftShades Collection, so I was really surprised to see a shade like What Wizardry Is This? in this collection. I'm not a huge fan of the typical shades released in the SoftShades Collections, such as baby pink, and sheer nudes, so I'm open to some variety!


I think my favourite thing about the Liquid Sand line is the incredible drying time. I actually don't even have to use my OPI RapiDry Spray when I use any Liquid Sand polishes. Within about a minute, my polish was completely dry!

As I mentioned before, OPI's Oz Collection will be released in March 2013. Let me know which shades from this collection you would like to see reviewed next! What are your thoughts on What Wizardry Is This?


  1. Oh! I love this shade. And you know how some shades don't look good on small, square nails.... Well this one will look great on my nails too :P

    awesome, am gonna try it soon.xx

    1. I know what you're saying! I think this shade would look great on shorter nails :)
      Hope you like it!

  2. I really wish OPI was available here more easily! I can't wait to try the Liquid Sand range but I'm going to have to wait until next time I'm away before I can get my hands on anything! x

    1. Oh no that sucks! :( Can you order somewhere online or is it too expensive?


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