Sunday, 17 February 2013

Benefit High Beam

Benefit's High Beam was my first high end product that I've ever used, years ago. I was given it as a Christmas gift from my aunt, and I just loved it. I've actually already used up an entire bottle of it, and I'm now using my second bottle.

High Beam is described as a  "luminescent complexion enhancer", and I would say that that is quite accurate!  I normally use powder highlighters, as I find them very easy to use, but I make an exception for High Beam. This illuminator can be used either over your foundation, or mixed into your foundation. If you want a subtle glow to your complexion, add a small drop of High Beam to your foundation or moisturizer. I find that this adds the prettiest glow to my skin, and it's still very subtle. Normally I just apply High Beam to my cheek bones, nose, cupids bow, and to my brow bone. I apply a small amount, and blend it into my skin. I use my fingers to blend, but you could also use a brush if you wanted to.


High Beam comes housed in a glass bottle, with a brush applicator, much like a nail polish bottle. I use the brush to apply the liquid right onto my face. I just draw on a thin line on each cheek bone, and then blend with my fingers. Even though this is a liquid highlighter, I don't find that it moves around my foundation or blush underneath. I prefer to apply my highlighter after my blush, so I need a product that isn't going to erase any of my prior make-up. 



Blended and sheered out

I absolutely love this product, and I would definitely repurchase this again. If you haven't tried Benefit's High Beam yet, give it a try, or ask for a sample from Sephora. I think that it adds the prettiest glow to your skin, while still being subtle. There isn't any glitter in this formula, it's just a beautiful pearly glow. 

Have you tried Benefit's High Beam? What is your favourite liquid highlighter? I'm wanting to try the one from Stila, so let me know your thoughts on that one if you've tried it! :)


  1. Can you believe that I only recently picked up this product! And I absolutely love it!

    1. It sure is! It ads just the right amount of glow to the skin, I was previously using a highlighter from maybelline I think but this is way better

    2. It's such a natural looking glow, I love it :)
      Was it the Dream Lumi Touch concealer/highlighter?

  2. I love this too and need to pull it back out!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Yes, definitely pull it back out and show it some love! :)


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