Monday, 25 February 2013

Ojon Revitalizing Mist

A few months ago I bought Ojon's Revitalizing Mist with Ojon Oil during Sephora's VIB 20% off sale. I was looking for a new spray-in hair product, and this was the one that I picked out (with the help of a Sephora staff member!). This product smells amazing, just like Ojon's Rare Blend Oil. The scent is quite strong when you initially spray your hair, but it fades quickly.


From Sephora:

What it is:
A lightweight, liquid finishing spray with the hair-repairing power of “nature's golden elixir.”

What it does:
This multitasking liquid hairdresser revitalizes, re-hydrates, detangles, and tames flyaways without ever making hair feel sticky or stiff.


The liquids in the bottle separate, leaving a red liquid at the bottom, and a white liquid at the top. I shake my bottle to mix the two liquids together, and then spray it all over my hair. This only takes about 2-3 sprays, and I have long, thick hair. I've used this on both wet and dry hair, and I don't think this really makes a difference in how well the product performs.

I've been using this spray as a leave-in conditioner, and I really do feel as though the oils in this spray help hydrate my hair. My hair always feels softer and more manageable after I spray this through my locks. I really like that this is a spray, since your hands don't get a filmy residue like when you use a cream or traditional oil.

While I do find that Ojon's Revitalizing Mist helps keep my hair manageable, soft, and hydrated, I don't think that it's a great detangler. I have extremely tangly hair, as my hair is naturally wavy/curly. Even when I use this spray, my hair still stays tangly. I also don't feel as though this product does all that much for fighting frizz, as promised. As I mentioned, I have curly hair, which of course means some frizz. I'm still on the hunt for my holy grail frizz fighter, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!


I also really like to use just one spray of this after I use a dry shampoo. I find that some dry shampoos can leave my hair feeling kind of squeaky or as though there is a lot of product build up. Ojon's Revitalizing Mist hydrates and fixes these issues without making my hair look oily. 

Overall, I am pleased with this product. I bought it for the purposes of a leave in conditioner, and it does that job really well. A 5.9oz bottle costs $29 CAD at Sephora. Have you tried Ojon's Revitalizing Mist before? What are your recommendations for a good detangler? :)


  1. I'm always nervous to leave anything in my hair since it is so fine, but I can totally agree with the dry shampoo comment so maybe I'll try a sample next time I go to sephora!!!

    xo Lauren

    1. This is a very light mist, so it might be fine for your hair! Definitely give it a try in Sephora :)


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