Thursday, 21 February 2013

OPI My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!

OPI's Euro Centrale Collection was released a few weeks ago, and I'm still making my way through the collection! Today I'm wearing OPI's My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!*, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you :) Now, I'm not at all a lover of spicy food, I much prefer sweet and salty tastes. My boyfriend absolutely loves spice and hot foods, and he goes through hot sauce like I go through ketchup! And while I might not be a huge fan of Paprika, I am a fan of this polish...


OPI's My Paprika is Hotter than Yours! is a beautiful orange polish with red undertones and a slight silver shimmer. However, on the nails it looks more like a creme formula. This shade screams Summer to me! I don't know about you, but I am so over Winter, I actually find myself day dreaming about the Summer months! I find that bright colours like this one make me really happy, so it's a nice switch from the normal vampy Winter shades.


The formula for this polish was really great, I almost got away with only one coat! I decided to add a second coat to even everything out, and to deepen the colour a bit. This shade of orange is really beautiful, and I like that it has some red undertones. I'm not a huge fan of neon orange shades, so I'm happy that My Paprika is Hotter than Yours! is a bit darker than that.

Have you picked up My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!, or any other shades from OPI's Euro Centrale Collection?


  1. I really love this color, super hot! Very pretty sweetie! Great pictures :)


  2. This is really pretty and I love the name XD

  3. Cute color! I need new nail colors! I haven't bought any new ones in so long!

    Come by soon!

    1. Thanks! You should check out the Euro Centrale collction, I really like it :)

  4. I love opaque formulas. Very pretty color xx

  5. This orange red reminds me of tomatoes!

    7% Solution​

    1. You're right, it's such a similar shade, just a bit more orange!


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