Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

I've been trying out a new cleanser in my skin care regime, which has Tea Tree as a main ingredient! I just reviewed Lush's Tea Tree Water (link), which also features tea tree. Tea tree is a well known ingredient to help fight acne and blemishes. I get the occasional break out, but nothing severe. However, I'm always open to new products to help out with those occasional spots. The Body Shop’s Skin Clearing Facial Wash* sounds like the perfect product to help me out!

The Skin Clearing Facial Wash has a heavy tea tree scent, which I used to hate, but it has since grown on me. If you haven’t smelt tea tree before, it’s slightly minty, but otherwise very unique. This facial wash is quite watery and runny, although at first I thought it looked like a gel in the bottle. I've been using this facial wash morning and night. I prefer to remove my makeup first (I've been using Lush’s Ultra Bland), and then use the Skin Clearing Facial Wash to actually clean my skin. I use about a quarter sized amount on my face, and massage in, then rinse off. This cleanser won’t remove makeup or dirt (at least for me it doesn't , but it does have great ingredients for your skin.


I find that this facial wash does help to keep my skin looking clear. I wouldn't say that this is a miracle product, and it probably won’t clear up cystic acne, or any severe spots. However, if you get the occasional breakout, this facial wash might be great for your skin type. I find the formula to be very gentle and calming, so I would say that this is safe for more sensitive skin types.

Have you tried The Body Shop’s Skin Clearing Facial Wash? Are you a fan of tea tree in your skincare? A 250ml bottle only costs $12, which I think is a great deal! And The Body Shop is always running deals and specials. 


  1. I love this cleanser! I've tried so many different cleansers and I always go back to this one!

  2. Never tried this but great review! We are both currently using Clarins facial cleanser.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Thanks girls!
      I used a sample of one of Clarins cleansers not too long ago and I really liked it :)


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