Saturday, 13 April 2013

Benefit Ring My Bella Perfume

Happy Saturday everyone! I have my first exam of this semester this morning, so wish me luck! I think after my exam I'll be going to Sephora to take advantage of the Chic Week sale. I already went on Thursday, but I might need a pick-me-up after my exam! But now onto today's review, a new (to me) perfume. I haven't tried any of Benefit's perfumes before, but I've always been very curious about them. I think the bottles are so cute, and the names are fun too. Ring My Bella* has stolen my heart, and it's been my go-to perfume lately!


"Sweetly seductive fruity floralA poem to describe Bella...she flutters and flounces lace, satin and moreher spirit so sexy bella’s shop you’ll adore slip sweetly into a lush, juicy flingfor a frill-seeking time “go on and ring.”
Top notes: pink rose petals, soft lily, summer daisy
Middle notes: Egyptian jasmine, creamy peony
Bottom notes: white patchouli, vanilla tincture, white musk"


This perfume is a nice mix of floral and sweeter vanilla scents. I find it to be very feminine, but it's not sickeningly sweet. I spray this perfume on my wrists and chest, and I'm good to go. The scent is quite strong right after it's applied, but it does settle to a more subtle scent. I don't find the staying power of this perfume to be incredible, as I get around 5 hours of wear out of this perfume. However, the scent is so incredible that I don't mind reapplying!

I think that Benefit's Ring My Bella will be the perfect scent for Spring and Summer, as it's light, fun, and floral. Have you tried any of Benefit's perfumes? Which ones do you recommend? :)

Ring My Bella is $36 for 30ml.


  1. I love the sound of this, I will have to give it a sniff next time I go to a Benefit counter! xx


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