Friday, 26 April 2013

Bourjois Intuitive Liner

It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of liquid liner, and lately I've been trying out Bourjois' Intuitive Liner*. This liner is a bit different, as the tip is three pronged, and is unlike any liner I've tried before! 


"Discover a new, revolutionary way to line your eyes and enhance your lashes!

Inspired by the famous art technique of ‘dotting’ (pointillisme), the intuitive liner forms a dotted, fine and intense line in 1 easy, failproof application.

Special tip: Simply tap the triple-pointed liner along the lash line in a successive “dotting” motion. Each black dot will make your lashes look extra long and give them more definition!

No risk of overlapping or wobbly lines!

Intense black formula, Long-lasting hold for up to 24 hours"


The idea behind the three prongs is that you just dot the liner on your lash line, and this creates the illusion of longer lashes. I think this is a really interesting concept, and I have to play around with the liner a bit more to see if this claim holds true. What I liked about this liner is that you can also use it as a traditional eye liner, and create a thin or thick line. This liner stayed on for the entire day without smudging or flaking. This liner from Bourjois only comes in one shade, black. This is a true black colour, although it isn't the most intense black I've ever seen. 

Have you tried any three-prong dotting liners before? 

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